Module 2 Inner Compass® Soul Navigation

Inner Compass® Soul Navigation will help you to connect/reconnect at SOUL level to assist you in your SOUL navigation pathway. You will learn how to clear issues/blockages very quickly by accessing SOUL communication.

  • Sacred Geometry and Divinity Codes (Elementals)
  • Introduction to Inner Compass® Soul Maps
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Life Lessons
  • Ultimate Detox Divinity Code
  • Inner Compass® Surrogate and distance clearing
  • Inner Compass® Past Life Clearing Soul Map
  • Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Soul Map
  • Introduction to Inner Compass® Modern Feng Shui Introduction
  • Opening the flow of Universal Energy
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Inner Compass® Heart Centre Opening
  • Inner Compass® Modern Feng Shui Soul Map

Each Inner Compass® Practitioner in training must complete the Inner Compass® Module two assignment within 8 weeks of the completion of the course.

This inclues the Inner Compass Module two practitioner course manual and the 5 elemental Divinity Codes.

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Inner Compass Module 2 Practitioner Course Soul Navigation

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