Module 1 Inner Compass® Personal Navigation

Inner Compass® Personal Navigation will give you the essentials to begin your journey as an Inner Compass® Practitioner.
  • The life path of an Inner Compass® Practitioner (The Way)
  • The role of an Inner Compass® Practitioner
  • Code of conduct and ethics
  • Intuition tools and techniques: Recap and integration
  • Breath Portals
  • The Inner Compass® Navigation System
  • The Inner Compass® Questioning Process
  • Inner Compass® Resources
  • Inner Compass®Light Body Activation Process
  • Inner Compass®Light Body Activation Soul Map
  • Emotional Release Process
  • Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Technique
  • Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Technique Advanced
  • Introducing your KARMA Council (Keep All Reactive Emotions Away)
  • Making the KARMA CALL (Keep All Reactive Emotions Away by Connecting Addressing Listening and Letting go.)
  • Completing the process
Each Inner Compass® Practitioner in training must complete 25 case studies that include the Inner Compass® Inner Conflict Resolution Technique (Minimum of 10 Advanced Inner Compass® Inner Compass Conflict Resolution Technique) demonstrating a high level of competency. Complete and submit the Module 1 Inner Compass® Practitioner Assignment within a period of 8 weeks after the course.
  • The Inner Compass® Intuition Kit                         $   66.00
  • Six Inner Compass® KISS Stones                            $ 216.00
  • Three Inner Compass® ASCENSION Stones         $ 108.00
  • Flat rate P & H                                                             $   33.00
  •                                                                                         $ 425.00

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Inner Compass Module One Practitioner Course

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