It is time to unite and to collectively raise the vibration of this glorious planet/plane. With your INNER EYE/I IMAGE-ine your HIGHEST most DIVINE intention for you and your life.

Sit quietly and focus on expanding the feelings of LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, CONNECTION, EMPOWERMENT and PEACE.

SEE yourSELF, FEEL yourSELF and EXPERIENCE yourSELF in EXPANSION. FILL the space that is your LIFE and feel yourSELF GROW.


On Saturday the 5th December at 10am join me for this very special workshop to bring FOCUS to raising the vibration of yourSELF, the COLLECTIVE and GAIA.

I invite you to CO-CREATE with the DIVINE and play with the musings of your SOUL. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE the NEW WORLD in 2021. Rather than being told how things are going to be my the media and our globalist corporations, let’s engage in the manifestation process of how ‘WE’ want things to be.

Please bring textas, an artists A4 notebook, water and your beautiful SELF.

Cost: $15.00

BYO: A plate to share, tea and coffee provided.