What if you were disconnected or misaligned with your SOUL and didn’t even know it and if you did know it what could you possibly do about it?

For this purpose of this article I am defining your SOUL as that part of you that is eternal and holds all the memories and understandings that you have experienced as an infinite being.

Here are 5 signs that you could be disconnected or misaligned with your SOUL

  1. You feel disconnected from your purpose
  2. You constantly engage in SELF-sabotage
  3. You are ‘stuck’ in EGO
  4. You are perpetually distracted
  5. You find it difficult to be present

I recently discovered that someone very close to me was disconnected or misaligned with their SOUL, this revelation made alot of sense to me in regards to their behaviours and patterns. 

There is help at hand

All you need is three KISS Stones. You simply place one KISS Stone in your right pocket and another KISS Stone in your left pocket and the third KISS Stone in your top Left pocket or slip it into your bra if you happen to wear one. I have had clients tape their KISS Stones to their bodies, especially when they are looking for pain relief.

KISS Stone’s primary function is to communicate at SOUL level and in the case where there is a disconnection the KISS Stones are a reconnection tool. You can confirm this via Kinesiology or dowsing.

If you would like to find out more in regards to this subject please feel free to reach out to Dawn.