The main event of 2020 is Covid-19. It has served us all with a heavy dose of whatever we needed in order to level up and raise our consciousness and vibration for the planet and humanity. Not everyone will see Covid-19 this way!  The fear programme that we are being bombarded with is intense and there is no judgement on your individual view of this event which is by grand design. It was what we came here for.

2020 brings 20/20 vision

20/20 inner vision or 20/20 tell-lie-vision?

The current powers that be benefit from us all being in a constant state of fear. By keeping us all in fight or flight we are disconnected from our higher thinking, our intuition. This does not serve you, it serves whatever the agenda is.


Don’t believe everything you see or hear on the media. 

A Course in Miracles states that:  

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

A Course in Miracles


No matter what you perceive is happening in the external world, bring your awareness back into yourSELF. Take a few deep breaths and check in with what is happening within your body right now. Regardless of what is happening ‘out there’ your purity of consciousness begins with you in every moment. 

Remember: Your body is the earthly home of your SOUL.


No matter what is happening in your world right now and how you are perceiving the unfolding events, ask yourSELF “Are my thoughts, feelings, actions or inaction motivated from LOVE or are they motivated from FEAR?”. This is vital in understanding whether you are operating from a HIGHER awareness or an EGO space. It is easy to get caught up in the drama right now, I certainly have been. 


Despite what the Government and the media are telling us about wearing masks, it is a scientific fact that they limit your oxygen intake creating higher CO2 levels in the bloodstream. I wanted to share a video that has been banned by FB and Utube about O2 levels and mask wearing. Please do your own research and if you feel you need to wear a mask then ensure that you get plenty of fresh air in between because breath is life.


Whatever your personal truth is, express it with LOVE. Heart-centred communication creates more receptivity than hateful and intense sharing of information. Angry hate speech is only feeding the fear monster and buying into the dark agenda.


What is your role right now in life? I am not talking about your work/career/job, I am referring to your HIGHER PURPOSE.

For some it is to bring laughter and light into the world, for others it is more about justice. Covid has slowed down the world and made us all look at ourSELVES in one way or another. Many have embraced the slower pace, others have ventured down the rabbit hole and uncovered the darkness that has long been concealed. Whatever that is for you use it grow and expand yourSELF to new heights and expanses.