An agent-general is the representative in the United Kingdom of the government of a Canadian province or an Australian state and, historically, also of a British colony in Jamaica, Nigeria, Canada, Malta, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand and subsequently, of a Nigerian region. Australia and Canada’s federal governments are represented by high commissions, as are all Commonwealth national governments today.

AN ACT to regulate the Appointment, and the Tenure of the Office, of Agent General. [Assented to, iPth August, c 495.] B E it enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1. THE Governor may appoint any person to be Agent General for Western Australia. Appointment.

2. IT shall be the duty of the Agent General to do and perform all acts, matters, and things in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in relation to Western Australia, in accordance with such instructions as may from time to time be given or transmitted to him by such Minister as may from time to time be appointed by the Governor to be the channel of communication between the Colony and the Agent General.

3. THE salary of the Agent General, exclusive of travelling Salary. expenses, shall be One thousand five hundred pounds per annum, to Tenure of office 590 VICTORI1E, No. 7. The Agent General Act, 1895. be paid monthly out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Colony, which is hereby appropriated for that purpose accordingly.

4. EVERY person appointed Agent General, whether before or duration after the passing of this Act, may at any time be suspended or removed from office by the Governor, and shall in any event cease to hold office at the end of three years from the date of appointment, but shall be eligible for re-appointment.

5. NO person. who may be appointed to the office of Agent General shall have or be entitled to any compensation by reason of the loss of such office, or of the diminution of the emoluments thereof. No compensation to be claimed for loss of office or diminution of emoluments. Agent General not to hold any office in company, &O. Short title.

6. NO person who may be appointed to the office of Agent General shall, during his tenure of office, act as a director of, or hold any office in, any company or syndicate whatsoever, whether incorporated or not.

7. THIS Act may be cited for all purposes as ” The Agent General Act, 1895.” In the name and on behalf of the Queen I hereby assent to this Act. ALEX. C. ONSLOW, Administrator.

Agents-general for Western Australia

There are two Commonwealths, one is a Corporate Commonwealth and the other is a Non-Corporate Commonwealth as defined by the [Public Governance and Accountability Act 2013].

THE salary of the Agent General, exclusive of travelling Salary. expenses, shall be One thousand five hundred pounds per annum, to Tenure of office to be paid monthly out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund

The Agent General is NOT paid out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, so who is paying his wages? If this current Government is a Corporate commonwealth Entity, who are the Agent Generals working for?

John Langoulant AO announced as new Agent General

Monday, 16 August 2021 

  • Western Australia’s new Agent General based in London announced
  • Mr Langoulant to be State’s representative in the United Kingdom and Europe region
  • Agent General to attract investment and grow trade for the State 

The McGowan Government has today announced John Langoulant AO as the new Agent General for Western Australia in the United Kingdom/Europe region.

Mr Langoulant will start in the position on October 18, 2021 for a three-year term and will undertake a short period of induction before being deployed to the State’s Investment and Trade Office in London.

As the Agent General, Mr Langoulant will work closely with Western Australia’s Investment and Trade Commissioners in attracting further investment, promoting trading relationships and representing Western Australia within the United Kingdom and European markets.

Mr Langoulant follows Commodore Mike Deeks CSC RAN (Rtd), who completed his three-year term as Agent General on June 30, 2021.

A respected business leader who has held a diverse range of executive and non-executive roles, Mr Langoulant has decades of experience across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and has been the board chair for a number of high-profile organisations.

Mr Langoulant also has extensive knowledge of the Western Australian economy and industries, and considerable experience undertaking reviews to support government reform agendas.

In 2010, Mr Langoulant was awarded an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia and was the Western Australian Citizen of the Year for Business in 2011.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“John Langoulant AO is an outstanding choice as the new Agent General for WA in the United Kingdom/Europe region.

“His extensive experience across a range of sectors has led him to be one of the most highly respected business leaders in the State.

“I would like to thank Commodore Mike Deeks for his work over the past three years in advocating for and promoting Western Australia in the United Kingdom and European markets.”

Comments attributed to State Development, Jobs and Trade Minister Roger Cook:

“Western Australia offers the world a unique set of strengths and capabilities, from a highly skilled workforce to abundant resources, and John Langoulant AO will play an important role in advocating for our State’s key and emerging industries.

“Mr Langoulant’s role in London will be an important one for WA, as we look beyond the pandemic and work to strengthen our investment and trade relationships with the United Kingdom and Europe to continue diversifying the economy.”

Premier’s office – 6552 5000

State Development, Jobs and Trade Minister’s office – 6552 6500

Forgery of seals.

65.—(1.)   Any person who forges, or utters knowing it to be forged—

(a) the Public Seal of the Commonwealth, or of any Territory being part of the Commonwealth; or

(b) the Seal of the High Court or any Federal Court, or any Seal used by the High Court or any Federal Court; or

(c) the Official Seal of any of the King’s Ministers of State for the Commonwealth; or

(d) any Official Seal used by any Department of the Commonwealth, or any public authority under the Commonwealth,

shall be guilty of an indictable offence.

Penalty: Imprisonment for ten years.

(2.)   Any person who, without lawful authority (proof whereof shall lie upon him), makes, or has in possession, any die or stamp capable of making an impression, in the form of any of the seals referred

15HB What is a serious Commonwealth offence? For the purposes of this Part, serious Commonwealth offence means an offence against a law of the Commonwealth: (a) that involves theft, fraud, tax evasion, currency violations, illegal drug dealings, illegal gambling, obtaining financial benefit by vice engaged in by others, extortion, money laundering, perverting the course of justice, bribery or corruption of, or by, an officer of the Commonwealth, an officer of a State or an officer of a Territory, bankruptcy and company violations, harbouring of criminals, forgery including forging of passports, armament dealings, illegal importation or exportation of fauna into or out of Australia, espionage, sabotage or threats to national security, misuse of a computer or electronic communications, people smuggling, slavery, piracy, the organisation, financing or perpetration of sexual servitude or child sex tourism, dealings in child pornography or material depicting child abuse, importation of prohibited imports or exportation of prohibited exports, or that involves matters of the same general nature as one or more of the foregoing or that is of any other prescribed kind; and (b) that is punishable on conviction by imprisonment for a period of 3 years or more.

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