In the Bible, three different Hebrew words are translated as “curse.” The most common is a ritualistic formulation which described as “cursed” those who violate community standards defined by God and tradition. Slightly less common is a word used to invoke evil against anyone who violates a contract or oath. Reference:

I recently attended a client’s home for an Inner Compass Modern Feng Shui Session. My client had been experiencing the most traumatic period of her life and greeted me with a whirlwind of emotions. She had been living her ‘dark night of the soul’ which had which had spanned over a period of five years. She needed help and my arrival was a welcomed relief.

The first thing I noticed upon arrival was that the Universal Energy Flow of her home was frozen and there was an energetic dark cloud over her house. When we sat down to discuss what was going on, it became very clear that a curse had been placed over her. The wording was quite specific, the curse had been placed over her, not on her. We went through the usual diagnostic qualifications to confirm my findings and then we cleared it. It was very easy to clear once we had worked out what was going on. I used two awakening cards to clear the curse, which was new beginnings and focus and remembering. What I love about these cards is that you don’t have to look at them, the vibration of the cards is what is important and they clear energy very quickly.

We identified the timeframe of the curse which coincided with the ending of her relationship with her husband. I did some research after the session on curses in the biblical sense and it is defined as a word used to invoke evil against anyone who violates a contract or oath.

When my client left her marriage, she with innocence in a sense violated her marriage contract/oath. This aligned with her life theme which was focused on breaking unethical deceptive and disempowering contracts including mortgages, banking laws and contracts, government social security obligations, health laws. She was taking on the whole god damned system of abuse of power.

Establishing healthy boundaries in any situation/relationship and being clear about your intention is a strong theme for many of us this year. Understanding what it is that you are wanting from a situation/relationship and checking in with yourSELF. It is important to explore how this sits with you? We all engage others contractually and expansively energetically speaking. Contracting happens when we try to lock something/someone into a situation or arrangement and expanding is when we grow into this. The breath and the heart beat is a beautiful example of this. We need both contracting and expanding energies to live.

When we become a prisoner to a contract and this contraction no longer serves us and the other party is uwilling to release there becomes a consequence to breaking it. When you ‘lock’ yourSELF into a situation and discover after the fact that you have been misled and decieved and you attempt to remove yourSELF from the incarceration of that contract, the other party will do everything within their power to prevent this contract being broken and seek retribution on some level.

When my client separated from her husband he sent her a meme that invoked a curse over her. My sense is that he didn’t know what he was facilitating but when we lower our vibration we are open to dark energy. We literally open ourSELVES up to a word of pain.

He didn’t meme to do it!

We all need to be mindful to clear our ‘energetic’ homes. This includes our body, mind and spirit and our environment. I invite you to check in with yourSELF and focus on how you are feeling. You know when something is not quite right? Breathe and explore this further. Intuition is a sweet tool to navigate through life.

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