Upon reading the current AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT COVID-19 VACCINATION POLICY I discovered something very disturbing. I had one of those moments when all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and I saw the compete picture. I had seen quite a few videos online in regards to the sinister intentions of COVID-19 and it’s role in the GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET as stated by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM and AGENDA 21 but the GOVERNMENT COVID-19 POLICY pamphlet openly stated that that they plan the change your genetic coding. Please don’t take my word for it, read it for yourSELF!

We know that we are under the UNITED NATIONS TRUSTEESHIP SYSTEM by way of the NATIONALITY AND CITIZENSHIP ACT 1948. This means that the UN are the administrators your estate, your property and YOU! This may not seem so obvious yet, but under the guise of COVID-19, I can assure you that this will become blatently obvious to EVERYONE VERY SOON!

This information is getting more difficult to find, the links that I was able to follow a few months ago are no longer available!

We are all debt slaves to the IMF and the globalist bankers who are the PUPPET MASTERS of the UN. The commonwealth of Australia have signed treaties that keep us embroiled in debt. We can see evidence that our resources are being shipped overseas and we are being sold off to foreign investors. Australian industry and businesses have been sabotaged and sold off. Australia is essentially a third world country with most Australians living on the poverty line or very close. Our foreign occupied defacto Government are dictated to by the IMF and the UN. Government policies are UN policies. We signed many treaties binding us to the policies of the UN and organs of the UN such as the WHO.


LANGUAGE WARNING… May offend the globalists 😉

No matter what your opinion or understanding of COVID-19 is, we can all agree that COVID-19 has successfully shut down the world. We are about to enter a period of the NEW WORLD ORDER by way of the FLU as the COVID-19 GREAT RESET.

The historical events that have led us to this point have been hidden from us. Most aren’t aware that on the 26th January 1910, the day we call AUSTRALIA DAY is the day that we became an OCCUPIED NATION. They didn’t tell us so we didn’t know. In 1939, our foreign defacto Government signed a treaty to prevent the true history being told, a government policy of DECEPTION.

We are all DEBT SLAVES to the UN!

It is now crystal clear that the UN/IMF BANKERS do not care about you or your HELLth. COVID-19 has put Australia deeper into DEBT SLAVERY. We are being coerced into taking this COVID-19 VACCINE.


In the Government COVID-19 fancy pamphlet they tell us that the COVID-19 VACCINE will GENETICALLY MODIFY YOUR GENES! 

If they modify your GENES, you then you will become a GMO. GMO’s can be patented which means that YOU CAN BE PATENTED!!! YOU WILL BECOME THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THE UN.

THE UN WILL OWN YOU because you will not have your natural HUMAN DNA!!!

According to the Intellectual Property website a patent cannot be granted for biological materials in their natural environment. For example, a biologically pure culture of a naturally occurring micro-organism or the isolation and cultivation of a naturally occurring micro-organism would satisfy the requirement for technical intervention.



The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) The OGTR is responsible for the regulation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in accordance with the Gene Technology Act 2001. The objective of the Act is to protect the health and safety of people, and to protect the environment, by identifying risks posed by or as a result of gene technology, and by managing those risks through regulating certain dealings with GMOs. The OGTR will be required to approve and license any COVID-19 vaccines being administered in Australia that use GMOs. These include all the adenovirus vaccines and some of the mRNA vaccines. Protein subunit vaccines will not generally require OGTR approval.


Unless you and your children get the COVID-19 VACCINE you can’t work, you can’t travel, you can’t get government assistance!

Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015. AIR data is used:

  • to monitor the effectiveness of vaccines and vaccination programs, including adverse events;
  • to identify any parts of Australia at risk during disease outbreaks;
  • to inform immunisation policy and research;
  • as proof of vaccination for entry to child care and school, and for employment purposes;
  • to monitor vaccination coverage across Australia; and
  • for eligibility for Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Subsidy payments.

Perhaps the reason they are pushing this COVID-19 TESTING is because they are collecting your DNA?

We are all being censored. If you do not agree with the offical narrative they shut you down. I have been locked out of FB and my YOUTUBE channel for posting anything about COVID TESTING and 5G. You know that you are onto something when they delete it.


The mask is not about the spread of COVID-19 it is about CONTROL. It is a visual symbol of compliance… it is YOUR MUZZLE!!!

The MASK is a VISUAL sign of COMPLIANCE!!!

I have put together a short course which offers some basic information about the UN and I offer my template letter of RECLAIMING MY TRUST A/C from the UN. I sent the letter on the 24th October 2020 which happens to be UNITED NATIONS DAY, the 75th Anniversary of the UN!

I wanted to make it very clear that I DO NOT CONSENT to the UN being the TRUSTEES of my ESTATE, PROPERTY and ME! I will be adding my NOTICE OF STANDING letter to this course next week after I present my local police station with some information to inform the of my position. TACIT AQUIESCENSE is Silence is consent!

My body belongs to me not the UN!


If you would like to join our zoom Q & A sessions, let me know and we will keep you informed through various platforms.