As part of previous blog ‘Who rules the world?’ I created the cover artwork to be a visual representation of what is really going on collectively in regards to the balance of power on this plane right now.

I intuitively knew that I needed to connect with Arleen the next day to do some energetic clearing.

Who rules the world

So I video chatted with Arleen Hanks, who was my Life Alignment Teacher quite a few years back. I trust and Arleen as a Life Alignment teacher and practitioner, I studied and practised Life Alignment for 7 years, I also became a body spin teacher.

Life Alignment Training with Jeff Levin and Arleen Hanks

I hadn’t connected with Arleen for many years other than facebook messages and the odd email. We had an informal chat and we ended up videoing the Life Alignment Balance. I hadn’t expected our chat to be filmed as I was still in my PJ’s due to the time difference, but glad we did!

The Covid-19 global awakening and the alternative individual realities and vibrational consciousness that we are all facing had led Arleen and I to do our healing magic.

Balancing Queen Lizzie

ISSUE: Lack of Exercise of our rights


Working on the Spiritual Body to merge spirituality into humanity.

Endocrine System needed to be balanced relating to the Governing Body.

Etheric Body #2: Which is the perfect etheric template of the body was part of the balance

The torus field was activated and balanced.

I am Sovereign’

Overcoming Fear and connecting into quality of being.

Watch the video to connect with the energy of the Balance.

Life Alignment session with Arleen Hanks: Balancing Queen Lizzie