Whether you have a significant other in your life or not, make valentine’s day your SELF-LOVE day. Romance yourSELF! Don’t wait for someone else to do that for you. Lavish yourSELF with flowers, wander into the garden experience the flowers, smell them, see them and love the beauty that they behold. They are natures gift for you every day, if you choose to see it.

Play music that ignites your SOUL. Uplifts and raises your vibrations. Dance, sing, laugh, play. Romance is very much about SENSUALITY, it is a day to SENSE-YOU-ALL. Really feel and connect with yourSELF.

To receive this gift you must be PRESENT. Yes the gift is the PRESENT. Breath portals are a super easy and fast way to get presence.

I work with a lot of people who are very much in their heads. They over think and find it difficult to be present and body/feeling focused. FIRE BREATH works wonders, creating a portal to the present moment.

Simply, breathe really quickly and deeply through your nose. You only need to do this for 20 seconds or so to get the full benefit.

I recommend that you gauge a before and after marker. Become aware of how you feel before the FIRE BREATH and after.

I am running a BREATH EXPLORATION session on the 16th February in WARWICK. Feel free to join us, just RSVP via meetup. www.meetup.com/InnerCompassAlchemy