Business Boycott

17.1.2021: The Sandbar Police mask wearing and conduct bag searches.

I was refused Service at the Sandbar in Scarborough Beach for not having a mask in my bag.

The Manager of the Sandbar came to my table where I was seated in the outside section without a mask on my face and asked me to prove that I had a mask in my bag.

All other patrons were seated without wearing a mask.

This confrontational behaviour was very distressing for me and can be likened to Nazi Germany, where people were forced to ‘show their papers’ or be excluded from society.

A mask is a medical device and is worn by sick people or medical staff during a medical procedure. A restaurant setting is not the place to wear a mask and I will not be bullied into wearing one by a random stranger who is not a medically trained professional.

It is time for critical thinking. The absurdity of the mask mandates defy logic and commonsense. If you are sat down you don’t have to wear a mask but if you stand up you do. At the Sandbar, they police mask wearing and conduct bag searches, I do not recommend supporting this business.

One Star Google Review for the Sandbar in Scarborough

11.1.2021: Refused Service at the Carine for not having Proof of Vaccination I.D.