The Commonwealth Government has an Australian Business Number (an ABN). It is listed on the Australian Business Registration Website as an entity.

From my own research I discovered that the Australian Government is a registered American company listed on the stock exchange.

The registered ABN of the Australian Government is Comcover.

Comcover, is the Australian Government’s self-managed insurance fund, has been providing insurance and risk management services to Australian Government entities that are classified to the General Government Sector (Fund Members) since 1998.

Comcover ensures that Fund Members have a comprehensive program of cover for insurable risks. Comcover helps integrate risk management into government functions and operations by providing comprehensive and responsive risk management and insurance services to our Fund Members.

Comcover works in partnership with Fund Members to promote a positive risk management culture across the Australian Government to support the efficient and effective delivery of programs and services.

Comcover provides services to more than 170 Fund Members that have a broad range of responsibilities and functions. [WHO ARE THESE 170 MEMBERS?]

Comcover does not offer cover nor issue premium invoices to private organisations or individuals.


Comcover is the Australian Government’s general insurance fund. Comcover provides insurance and risk management services to all General Government Sector agencies and the High Court of Australia. Fund members purchase cover for all normally insurable risks, with the exception of workers’ compensation, which is the responsibility of the Australian Government’s Comcare programme. Comcover was originally created by the Department of Finance to administer the Comcover Account. A determination established the Component of the Reserved Money Fund, signed on 7 April 1998 (repealed 19 March 2014). The fund was later superseded by the Comcover Special Account (Determination 2009/05).

Comcover: Department of Finance


Does this mean that comcover is the registered Australian Government business entity that sits under the Commonwealth of Australia, which is the American owned Company?

But according to their own definition the Government Entity isn’t an entity!

Another interesting bit of information is that in 2023 a business trading name will not be displayed and will only display registered business names. I made sure that I screenshotted the trading names of this morphing enigma known as Comcover.

What does this mean? And who are the fund members and the ‘real’ CEO’s and investors of the country we call Australia… for now!

If you have any insights, I would love to hear from you 🙂