Commonwealth Custodian Workshops/Zoom Timetable

The Aim of all Commonwealth Custodian workshops is empowerment and to offer the foundation of knowledge and skills to assist you to move out of the public and into the private. You will become the executor of contracts for your unincorporated “Natural Private Person”, then claim your Estate as the Occupant of the Office of Executor and then place the Estate into Trust and become the Trustee/ Executor of your Estate.

As you begin to unravel yourself from the system and ‘come out of her’, you will need to know who you are, where you stand and where you get your Authority from. The reason we find ourselves as slaves in “The System” is because we have been deceived and the deception begins from when you are born and the creation of the “Birth Certificate” which creates the Incorporated Legal Person/Fiction.

Unincorporate the Name Workshop

Option One D.I.Y.

Follow the “How to unincorporate the name” videos on the “How to unincorporate the name Group” on the Commonwealth Custodian Website. Support is available by way of asking questions in the group chat or discord.

Option Two Private Mentoring

book your private “unincorporating the name” mentoring session via zoom via and call Josephine-kataraina on 0408 083 144. There is a $111.00 donation. please note that if you do this through an accountant the average cost is around $300.00.

Option Three Group Sessions

Get a group of eight or more people together and book a session via and call Jospehine-kataraina on 0408 083 144. There is a donation of $55.00, available in Perth only.

To book your place in a Commonwealth Custodian workshop please contact Josephine-kataraina on 0408083144 or email

How to write letters as the Executor of Contracts for your “Natural Private Person” Zoom Workshop

The Aim of the workshop is to give you the foundation structure to write notices/Correspondence as the Occupant of the Office of Executor for Contracts for your Unincorporated ABN, which is the legal fiction. It is highly recommended that you attend this workshop after you have unincorporated the name.

Next Zoom Workshop: Sunday 3rd April 2020, 9am: Perth time.

You will be sent the passcode to this session when you book in. HERE!

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Recordings of the workshops will be available on the Practical Lawful Ascension Online Course.