The Australian Government is a privately owned foreign company owned by the Vatican.

The Court is an Oratory, a chapel where you confess your sins. The Judge is an ordinary, which is a Church Officer, this means that they have the power to execute the Churches Law. Church Law is Canon Law, which is the system of laws and legal principles made and enforced by the hierarchical authorities of the Catholic Church to regulate its external organization and government and to order and direct the activities of Catholics toward the mission of the Church.

When you are summonsed to go to court, the goal is for you to confess your sins.

When the Judge asks you “What is your name?” and you tell the court your name, ie: Joe BLOGS, you animate the Cestui Que Trust that was set up at your birth. Technically, your Birth Certificate drags you off land according to maritime law and you become cargo. The Sea/SEE is vatican Law. Many are not aware of the but essentially the Vatican is your trustee. [Read more] When you AGREE that you are the person claimed on your birth certificate, it means that you create a PRESUMPTIVE TRUST within the Court.

A Presumptive Trust is a contract and family law which suggests that property transferred from a parent to a child, or spouse to spouse, is a gift and would defeat any presumption of a resulting trust.

JUDGE: Is the Administrator

LAWYER: Executor

YOU: Beneficiary of your trust

If you CONFESS, which is a confessional, or a sacrament of penance in the religious Catholic sense, you are declaring that you are a guilty Sinner and that you accept the punishment and forgiveness is granted in absolution by the Judge. This is the outward sign to impart grace to your Soul. The Judge is an officer of the Inquisition and has pledged an Oath to the Temple Bar in London.

No living man or woman has any power over any other living Man or Woman. When you state “I am the principle”, “I am the living Man/Woman” you are claiming your Authority and taking the power away from the Vatican who has legally claimed your Soul and is your trustee. You don’t need any external authority to judge you. When you acknowledge that you are the Principle, you become the Accused, the Witness and the judge. The ultimate REAL-EYESation is that you are Divine. No-thing has power over you!

Glossary of Terms

A writ is a form of written command in the name of a court or other legal authority to act, or abstain from acting, in a particular way.
Writ = rite: A religious ceremony or act.

Religious rite

Scribe and Notary is a curse or summons.

A Warrant seals the writ and protects the queen if they lose absolution (prison/fine).

Your hearing is a hearing of your confession.

Hearing = Confessional

Your sentence is your penance.

Prosecute: Pro = Self, Self-Accusation.

Attorney = To turn.

REGIStration → Regis → King.

Bail = Baal properly Baʿal, was a title and honorific meaning “owner”, “lord” in the Northwest Semitic languages spoken in the Levant during antiquity. From its use among people, it came to be applied to gods.

CAPITAL letters: is Dog latin and is used when the CORPORATIONS (Corpses = Dead Body) is CAPITALISING on your NAME.

SEA/SEE:  also called the See of Rome, is the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome, known as the pope, which includes the apostolic episcopal see of the Diocese of Rome with universal ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the worldwide Catholic Church, as well as a sovereign entity of international law, governing the Vatican City

TEMPLE BAR: The Corporation of the City of London formerly erected a barrier to regulate trade into the City. The 19th century Royal Courts of Justice are located next to it on its north side, having been moved from Westminster Hall. To its south is the Temple Church, along with the Inner Temple and Middle Temple Inns of Court. As the most important entrance to the City of London from Westminster, it was formerly long the custom for the monarch to halt at Temple Bar before entering the City of London, in order for the Lord Mayor to offer the Corporation’s pearl-encrusted Sword of State as a token of loyalty.

The Temple Bar is located in the City of London
Knights of Templar Statue in the City of London outside the Temple.

CANON LAW:  The system of laws and legal principles made and enforced by the hierarchical authorities of the Catholic Church to regulate its external organization and government and to order and direct the activities of Catholics toward the mission of the Church.

Canon Law

Jesuit: Soldier of God

*As stated previously, I am not a lawyer and have no formal training in Law. I am a layperson, who is on my own personal journey to SELF MASTERY, I have spent many hours researching and I share what I have learnt. At the end of the day, we can only be responsible for the choices and the actions we make for ourselves.

About Dawn

Dawn Kelly is the founder of the Inner Compass®, which is so much more than a healing modality, it is the way (the Tao). Living the principles of the Inner Compass, being the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF, being neutral and detaching from outcome, is a lifetime practice, a way of living that brings presence and peace. Applying this not only to Inner Compass Sessions but to LIFE is the pathway to becoming the Ascended Master of your own LIFE.

With more than twenty years experience as a healing practitioner, she has studied Life Alignment, Chi Nei Tsang, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Massage and a few more. 

Dawn runs workshops inviting play, creativity and the joy of discovery into her sessions, opening up the magic within us all. 

Dawn has developed a wide range of exclusive Inner Compass® tools and clearing techniques that are only available to Inner Compass® Practitioners and Practitioners in training.

The process of divining then designing the Inner Compass® has been a beautiful unfolding of playful exploration for Dawn. Each tool and process has been discovered with an open mind, with every session and process a spiritual laboratory, questioning and quantifying to enlighten the SELF.

Dawns’ facilitation of groups and sessions in an inclusive, non-judgemental and empowering way, fully embracing the understanding that each session is centred around the intention that ‘your healing is my healing’ is the key to her success.

She is offers a wide range of… [read more] 

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