Yesterday, I created a Sacred Space for mySELF within my home. I repurposed the spare room into my Zen Den, my Bloom Room and my God Pod. I connected to my own personal needs in regards to my spiritual growth and connection and transformed this space into a room that I could re-centre, focus and connect to my personal Zen.

When you live with others and you hold the intention to discover yourSELF, you need a quiet space where you can meditate, contemplate, ponder, rest, recharge, create, manifest and be.

If you don’t have alot of space in your home, then you might consider a space in the garden, or find a tree or somewhere in nature, perhaps a comfortable chair or a quiet corner of a room. It really doesn’t matter what your Sacred Space is or what it looks like because your Sacred Space is within YOU.

I spend alot of time journaling to understand my thoughts and feelings. I like to dive deep within mySELF to connect with my inner peace, gratitude and unconditional love.

If you currently don’t have a Sacred Space within your home and you have a busy life, with lots of distractions and chaos then consider creating a Sacred Space for yourSELF. Please feel free to share them with us to inspire, uplift others to do the same.