You are invited to embark on a journey to the SELF, beyond  selfish, self centred into SELFlessness. For the truth is you are all of this and none of this. You are experiencing this and yet you are also the observer. Understanding that you have the ability to participate and withdraw is a key ingredient to understanding the path to the SELF. 

What you want or desire is irrelevant, it is what you allow or surrender to that is the key. The kingdom of heaven on earth is right in front of you NOW, if you cannot see it or feel it then you are resisting the truth of this illusory world. None of this is real. None of this exists beyond our perception of what ‘this’ is or isn’t. 

The truth is, you are GOD. You are the creator and the creation. You are contributing to this MANifestation, consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously. You are human, a HUEman, multi coloured, multifaceted, multidimensional. YOU as a HUEman has the capacity to experience everything. The light and the darkness. You are all encompassing.

So, what does this ACTually mean? You can be whatever you want to be! You can experience whatever you want to experience. The key is understanding the perspective of where your desire stems. Divine mind, Divine Heart, Divine Experience!

Channelled by Dawn Kelly