One of my most favourite card decks is the Feel the Love Insight Cards. They were divined then designed with the purpose of giving an insight and clarification reading. As much as I tried I could never remember the symbolic meaning of the tarot deck, I needed to have a reading spelt out for me. So that is what I did, I created a tool that could do this.

The Feel the Love Insight cards are a deck of cards with themed words on them relating to LOVE. By connecting to the HIGHEST most awakened manifesstion of yourSELF, being neutral and detaching from the outcome, these cards can offer you clarification and insight. I use my pendulum to dowse the cards and I use a method of deduction to identify the key words that I need during the session or insight reading.

If you are looking for a ‘spoon fed’ reading, then this is not the deck of cards for you. These cards ask you to go deep within yourSELF and ask “what does this mean for me?”. A word can have many different meanings, you can take a word literally or figuatively or in a round about way. 

As a unit of the Inner Compass® Intuition Essentails Online Course, you are asked to explore they symbolism and meaning of different words so that you can open your mind to creativity and word play, a very important part of the Inner Compass® Practitioner training

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