When it comes to relationships, first and foremost you are in a relationship with yourSELF. Your relationship with yourSELF underpins every relationship you will ever have. Being solid with yourSELF first and loving yourSELF completely and absolutely, without conditions or expectations is the key.

I love the work of Byron Katie, so much so that there is a unit in the Inner Compass Intuition Essentials online course dedicated to the work. Mastering the mind and questioning your thinking is a very important part of being an Inner Compass Practitioner. Byron Katie uses a very simple process to question your thinking, it is literally four questions and a turn around.

I find that relationships are so interesting as they show you so much about yourSELF. I love being in a relationship, especially with the man I am in a relationship with now. He has provided me with so much growth, he has literally shown me mySELF. All the parts of me that were hidden in the shadows, he has brought into the light. I have been able to work through so many issues, for that I am grateful.

When we first met, I was adament that I didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone, let alone someone with a child. I listened to my heart and my heart spoke. And so, I find mySELF where I am now, engaged. I am engaging him and he has engaged with me.

One thing that I have learnt from my partnership is that when you lose your sense of self and emerse yourSELF in another, you essentially leave yourSELF for that other person. You abandon you! You get lost in their story and drama.

It is so important to make yourSELF your priority. When you take care of yourSELF understand your own needs and inner fulfillment then the relationship you have with your partner or any other person will be from the heart. No resentment, no bitterness, no regrets.

So, if you ask yourSELF, ‘do I need a partner to be happy?’ what is YOUR answer? For me, it is a no. I love my own company and SELF exploration. However, I am incredibly grateful for my relationship and the LOVE that it has opened up for me.

I love you Sloan x