We are ignorant and dumb by design and not by choice!

Let me make mySELF very clear, we are where we are right now because we are ignorant of the truth. HIS-story has been manipulated by THEIR-story and is not OUR-TRUE-Story!

The United Nations have planned this since 1939. They did not want us to know that Australia was under foriegn occupation due to past war debt as that would be bad for business, wouldn’t it?

It’s a little bit like the Faulty Towers scene where Basil Faulty freaks out about his German guests and in his effort to not mention the war he becomes anxious and freaks out. See the ‘Don’t mention the war!’ video below.

They really didn’t want us to know we are at war because for some strange reason we might react badly!

Don’t mention the war: Faulty Towers ‘Don’t mention the War’.

Here is the Declaration regarding the teaching of History (Revision of School Text Books).

Australian Treaty Series 1939 No 3


Declaration regarding the Teaching of History (Revision of School Textbooks)

(Geneva, 2 October 1937)

Entry into force generally: 24 November 1937

Entry into force for Australia: 24 June 1939AUSTRALIAN TREATY SERIES

1939 No. 3 (electronic)(c) Commonwealth of Australia 1997


THE UNDERSIGNED Plenipotentiaries in the name of their respective Governments:

DESIROUS of strengthening and developing the good relations uniting them with other countries;

CONVINCED that those relations will be further strengthened if the younger generation in every country is given a wider knowledge of the history of other nations;

REALISING the necessity of obviating the dangers that may arise through the tendentious presentation of certain historical events in school textbooks;

DECLARE that they agree, each for its own part, upon the following principles:

1. It is desirable that the attention of the competent authorities in every country, and of authors of school textbooks, should be drawn to the expediency:

(a) Of assigning as large a place as possible to the history of other nations;

(b) Of giving prominence, in the teaching of world history, to facts calculated to bring about a realisation of the interdependence of nations.

2. It is desirable that every Government should endeavour to ascertain by what means, more especially in connection with the choice of school books, school children may be put on their guard against all such allegations and interpretations as might arouse unjust prejudices against other nations.

3. It is desirable that in every country a committee composed of members of the teaching profession, including history teachers, should be set up by the National Committee on Intellectual Co-operation, where such exists, in collaboration with other qualified bodies.

The committees so constituted would be empowered to co-operate among themselves, and it would in any case be their function to study the questions contemplated in the present Declaration and to suggest solutions to the competent national authorities or organisations. They would, in particular, be empowered, should they think the revision of school textbooks necessary, to follow the procedure provided for in the resolution adopted on 29 July 1925 by the International Committee on Intellectual Co-operation on the proposal of M. Casares, the recommendations of which were confirmed and amplified in 1932 and 1933 by the International Committee on Intellectual Co-operation and approved by the Assembly of the League of Nations.

4. The present Declaration, the French and English texts of which are equally authentic, shall bear this day’s date and shall be open for signature on behalf of any Member of the League of Nations or of any non-member State to which a draft of the said Declaration has been communicated.[1]

5. The present Declaration shall be registered by the Secretary-General of the League of Nations when it has received two signatures, on which date it shall come into force.[2]

6. The Secretary-General of the League of Nations shall notify the Members of the League of Nations and the non-member States mentioned in paragraph 4 of the signatures received.

DONE at Geneva on the second day of October, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven, in a single copy, which shall be deposited in the archives of the Secretariat of the League of Nations, and of which certified true copies shall be delivered to all the Members of the League of Nations and to the non-member States mentioned in paragraph 4.

[1] Signed for Australia 24 June 1939, on which date the Declaration entered into force for Australia.