I chose not to vote at the last WESTERN AUSTRALIAN STATE ELECTION because I do not want to vote for an illegitimate government who are nothing more than a PRIVATE POLITICAL PARTY with no interests in WE THE PEOPLE they are more concerned with CORPORATE PROFIT.


MARK McGOWAN is nothing more than the CEO of this PRIVATE CORPSE CORPORATION who are pushing the NWO/FABIAN/GLOBALIST AGENDA. What I find hilarious is that he appointed himself as TREASURER and CEO! If that doesn’t give away the corruption, then you must be asleep at the wheel.

I received AN APPARENT FAILURE TO VOTE – PENALTY NOTICE, in other words an EXTORTION LETTER from ROBERT KENNEDY, the ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER. The weird thing was that he signed it on the 2nd July 2021, yet I received it in May 2021.

I shall be returning this to him with a letter explaining that ELECTION FRAUD is a GOOD REASON NOT TO VOTE!!!

Matthew 6:24  KJV 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.



A STAKEHOLDER is a party that has an interest in a company and can either affect or be affected by the business. The primary stakeholders in a typical corporation are its investors, employees, customers, and suppliers.



In 2003 JIM McGINTY and the WESTERN AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT removed Queen Elizabeth II as well as her heirs and successors from WESTERN AUSTRALIA the offending TREASONOUS act was the ACTS AMENDMENT AND REPEAL (COURTS AND LEGAL PRACTICE) ACT 2003, SECTION 8 and REPLACED the CROWN/QUEEN with the STATE. See letters patent document full text at the end of the blog.

According to the ELECTORAL COMMISIONS WEBSITE they make reference to the PUBLIC INTEREST DISCLOSURE ACT 2003 which creates a process for the disclosure of public interest information.

  • improper conduct
  • an offence under State law, including corruption
  • administration matters affecting you
  • irregular or unauthorised use of public resources
  • substantial unauthorised use of, or substantial mismanagement of, public resources
  • conduct involving a substantial and specific risk of injury to public health, prejudice to public safety or harm to the environment.


For the purpose of constituting the Legislative Assembly, the Governor before the time appointed for the first meeting of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, and thereafter from time to time as occasion shall require, may in Her Majesty’s name issue writs under the public seal of the Colony for the general election of members to serve in the Legislative Assembly.



On the 3 February, 2021 the WA STATE ELECTION was formally instigated with the issuing of the ELECTION WRITS by the STATE GOVERNOR. Hmmmm interesting!

An example of an election writ. I would love to see the election writ from the last election!

The WESTERN AUSTRALIAN STATE ELECTION RESULT in McGOWANS FAVOUR was called after only 0.7% of the votes were counted. Don’t you think that is a little odd? And I wonder what VOTING SOFTWARE they used….


KIM BEAZLEY the man who authorised the STATE ELECTION as a representative of Queen Elizabeth II which was REMOVED in 2003. The whole STATE ELECTION hinges on the WESTERN AUSTRALIAN STATE GOVERNOR issuing the WRIT.

Brian Shaw charged the GOVERNOR KIM BEAZLEY with MISPRISON OF TREASON. This was witnessed by Gerard Donohue. This means that our DISHONOURABLE GOVERNOR KIM BEAZLEY is CONCEALING TREASON and IGNORING IT.  Brian Shaw was contacted on the 15th December 2006 by a Barrister representing Governor Kim Beazley.


ROBERT KENNEDY was appointed ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER on 16 March 2020. He was the Official Secretary to the GOVERNOR, KIM BEAZLEY for a short period where he oversaw a review of the support structures for the Governor. He also worked for the PREMIER AND CABINET. 

His interest in electoral affairs began with his university studies in political science and continued with his first public sector role where he assisted the Commission on Government in making recommendations to Government about reforms to the electoral system such as one vote one value. Since that time he has taken a keen interest in elections and their importance in facilitating the community’s opportunity to have their say about how they are governed.

I wonder how much influence the ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER has had in ELECTORAL REFORM and how much this has impacted the latest election.

According to WIKIPEDIA, sorry this was the best neutral research information I could find, THE AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSIONS (AEC) main responsibility is to conduct federal elections, by-elections and referendums. The AEC is also responsible for the maintenance of up-to-date electoral rolls, devising electorate boundaries, apportionments and redistributions. Under the Joint Roll Arrangements, the AEC maintains electoral rolls for the whole of Australia, other than Western Australia, which is used by the state and territory Electoral Commissions to conduct their elections. The AEC publishes detailed election results and follows up electors who had failed to vote.

The AEC is also responsible for registering political parties intending to field candidates at federal elections, monitoring the activities of those political parties, including receiving returns from parties of donations and expenditures, and the publication of the information. The AEC also plays an electoral education role, aiming to educate citizens about the electoral process by which representatives are elected, and by which the Australian Constitution is changed (referendums). It also plays a role in industrial voting (e.g., votes on industrial action).

At the end of the day, every election in WESTERN AUSTRALIA post 2003 and accoding to DAVID WALTERS 1966 when the currency was changed from IMPERIAL to DECIMAL. We lost our SOVEREIGN RIGHTS because our money was regulated by a PRIVATE BANK.


We all need to contact the ELECTORAL COMMISSION and tell ROBERT KENNEDY the ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER that ELECTION FRAUD has occurred. We tell the PREMIER and CABINET that we know that ELECTION FRAUD has occurred and then inform the POLICE.

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NOTE: original document handwritten on 6 pages. [PAGE ENDS HERE] signifies page ending of original document. <…….> signifies scope notes in small type in margin.

BEGIN TRANSCRIPTION Western Australia Letters Patent passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom, constituting the Office of Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of Western Australia and its Dependencies. (Dated 25th August 1890) Victoria, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India: To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting. Whereas we did, by certain Letters Patent under the Great Seal of Our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, bearing date at Westminster the Seventeenth day of November 1877, in the Forty-first year of Our Reign, constitute, order, and declare that there should be a Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over Our Colony of Western Australia and its Dependancies (as therein described), and that the person who should fill the said office should be appointed by Commission under Our Sign Manual and Signet: And whereas an alteration in the Constitution of the said Colony has been effected by the Western Australia Constitution Act, 1890: Now we do by these presents revoke Our said recited Letters Patent, but without prejudice to anything lawfully done thereunder. Letters Patent constituting the Office of Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of Western Australia [DOCUMENT PAGE ONE ENDS HERE] II. We do declare that there shall be a Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over Our Colony of Western Australia and its Dependencies, extending from the parallel of thirteen degrees thirty minutes south latitude, to West Cape Howe in the parallel of thirty-five degrees eight minutes south latitude, and from the Hartogs Island, on the Western Coast, in longitude one hundred and twelve degrees fiftytwo minutes to one hundred and twenty nine degrees of east longitude, reckoning from the meridian of Greenwich, including all the islands adjacent in the Indian and Southern Oceans within the latitudes aforesaid of thirteen degrees thirty minutes south, and thirty-five degrees eight minutes south, and within the longitudes aforesaid of one hundred and twelve degrees fifty-two minutes, and one hundred and twenty-nine degrees east from the said meridian of Greenwich (which said Colony of Western Australia and its Dependencies are herein-after called the Colony), and that appointments to the said office shall be made by Commission under Our Sign Manual and Signet. III. We do hereby authorize, empower, and command Our said Governor and Commander-in- Letters Patent re Constitution 25 August 1890 (WA) Page 2 of 4 Chief (herein-after called the Governor) to do and execute all things that belong to his said office, and to exercise the powers and authorities vested in him by the above recited Act, or by any other Act adding to, amending, or substituted for the same, or by these our Letters Patent and by such Commission as may be issued to him under Our Sign Manual and Signet, and according to such Instructions as may be from time to time be given to him under Our Sign Manual and Signet, or by Our Order in Our Privy Council, or by Us through one of Our Principal Secretaries of State, and to such laws as are now or shall thereafter be in force in the Colony. [DOCUMENT PAGE TWO ENDS HERE] IV. We do also by these Letters Patent declare Our Will and pleasue as follows:- V. Every person appointed to fill the office of Governor shall, with all due solemnity, before entering on any of the duties of his office, cause the Commission appointing him to the Governor to be read and published at the seat of Government, in the presence of the Chief Justice or some other Judge of the Supreme Court of the Colony, and of the Members of the Executive Council thereof, which being done, he shall then and there take before them the Oath of Allegiance in the form provided by an Act passed in the Session holden in the Thirty-first and Thirty-second years of Our Reign, intituled “An Act to amend the Law relating to Promissory Oaths;” and likewise the usual Oath for the due execution of the office of Governor, and for the due and impartial administration of justice; which the Oaths the said Chief Justice or Judge is hereby required to administer. VI. The Governor shall keep and use the Public Seal of the Colony for Sealing all things whatsoever that shall pass the said Public Seal. VII. There shall be an Executive Council for the Colony, and the said Council shall consist of such persons as are now members thereof or may at any time be members thereof in accordance with any Law enacted by the Legislature of the Colony, and of such other persons as the Governor shall, from time to time, in Our name and on Our behalf, but subject to any Law as aforesaid, appoint under the Public Seal of the Colony to be Members of Our said Executive Council. VIII. The Governor, in Our name and on Our behalf, may make and execute, under the said Public Seal, grants and dispositions of lands within [DOCUMENT PAGE THREE ENDS HERE] the Colony, subject to the laws in force for the time being for regulating the sale or disposal of Crown lands. IX. The Governor may constitute and appoint, in Our name and on Our behalf, all such Judges, Commissioners, Justices of the Peace, and other necessary Officers and Ministers in the Colony, as may be lawfully constituted or appointed by Us. X. When any crime has been committed within the Colony, or for which the offender may be tried therein, the Governor may, as he shall see occasion, in Our name and on Our behalf, grant a pardon to any accomplice in such crime who shall give such information as shall lead to the conviction of the principal offender, or of any one of such offenders, if more than one; and further, may grant to any offender convicted in any Court, or Letters Patent re Constitution 25 August 1890 (WA) Page 3 of 4 before any Judge, or other Magistrate within the Colony, a pardon either free or subject to lawful conditions, or any remission of the sentence paased on such offender, or any respite of the execution of such sentence for such period as the Governor thinks fit; and further may remit any fines, penalties, or forfeitures due or accrued to Us. Provided always that the Governor shall in no case, except where the offence has been of a political nature unaccompanied by any other grave crime, make it a condition of any pardon or remission of sentence that the offender shall absent himself to be removed from the Colony. XI. The Governor may, so far as We Ourselves lawfully may, upon sufficient cause to him appearing, remove from his office, or suspend from the exercise of the same, any person holding any office or place within the Colony, under or by [DOCUMENT PAGE FOUR ENDS HERE] virtue of any Commission or Warrant or other instrument granted, or which may be granted, by Us or in Our name, or under Our authority. XII. The Governor may exercise all powers lawfully belonging to Us in respect of the summoning, proroguing, or dissolving any Legislative Body, which now is or hereafter may be established within the Colony, and in respect of the appointment of Members thereto. XIII. In the event of the office of the Governor becoming vacant, or of the Governor being incapable, or of his departure from the Colony, Our Lieutenant Governor, or if there be no such Officer in the Colony, then such person or persons as We may appoint under Our Sign Manual and Signet, shall, during Our pleasure, administer the Government of the Colony, first taking the Oaths herein-before directed to be taken by the Governor and in the manner herein prescribed; which being done, We do hereby authorise, empower, and command Our Lieutenant Governor, and every other such Administrator as aforesaid, to do and execute, during Our pleasure, all things that belong to the office of Governor and Commander-inChief, according to the tenor of these Our Letters Patent, and according to Our Instructions as aforesaid, and the Laws of the Colony. XIV. In the event of the Governor having occasion to be temporarily absent for a short period from the seat of Government or from the Colony, he may in every such case, by an Instrument under the Public Seal of the Colony, constitute and appoint Out Lieutenant Governor, or if there be no such Officer, then any other person, to be his Deputy during such temporary absence, and that capacity to exercise, perform, and execute for and on behalf of the Governor during such absence, but no longer, all such powers and authorities vested in the Governor by these Our Letters Patent, as shall in and by such Instrument be specified and limited, but no others. Provided, nevertheless, that by the appointment of a Deputy as aforesaid, the power and authority of the Governor shall not be abridged, altered, or in any way affected, otherwise than We may at any time hereafter think proper to direct. XV. And We do hereby require and command all Our Officers and Ministers, Civil and Military, and all other inhabitants of the Colony, to be obedient, aiding, and assisting unto the Governor or to such person or persons as may from time to time, under the provisions of these Our Letters Patent, administer the Government of the Colony. Letters Patent re Constitution 25 August 1890 (WA) Page 4 of 4 XVI. And We do hereby reserve to Ourselves, Our heirs and successors, full power and authority from time to time to revoke, alter or amend these Our Letters Patent as to Us or shall seem meet. XVII. And We do direct and enjoin that these Our Letters Patent shall be read and proclaimed at such place and places within Our said Colony as the Governor shall think fit. In witness whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent. Witness Ourself at Westminster, the twenty-fifth day of August, in the Fifty-fourth year of Our Reign. By Warrant under the Queen’s Sign Manual. Muir Mackenzie. END TRANSCRIPTION