We are rapidly approaching a crossroads for humanity and if we do not stand up and speak up NOW we will be forced down.

I know that FREE MEN DON’T PROTEST so I attended the FREEDOM DAY – A STAND IN THE PARK to to show that I am a PEACEFUL CIVILIAN who knows who I am and I know where I stand.


The West Australian printed an article stating that the Covid-19 vaccination was going to be mandatory by 31st March 2021 for school children who will be travelling overseas. The Government have also stated that vaccination isn’t madatory BUT if you don’t get it you will not receive your family tax benefit, you won’t be able to travel and your child won’t be able to attend school.

The I STAND FOR PEACE – FREEDOM DAY had a solid turn out at the BELL TOWER IN PERTH. It was great to see people UNITE and take a stand. We all have different views an approaches however we all agreed on the final outcome.

My view on how to move forward seemed to be very different from many, however I spoke with a couple of people who were aware of what was going on and were on the same page as I was which is to recind our CITIZEN-SHIP to reclaim our TRUST A/C from the UN through our sovereignty under the IMPERIAL CROWN through the line of the ANZACS.