The vaccine leaves an imprint in the vibrational signature of the energetic body that will be traceable over many incarnations. It’s like a brand marking that codes a very particular path of the development of the soul. With this, we have arrived at a fork in the evolution of humanity and its direction will be determined by the vaccine codeing. It’s all about harvesting souls, over many incarnations, for the DIGITAL evolutionary pathway.

The Vaccine dissembles the inner life energy and rewrites the RNA coding in a way that, after a while, can be uploaded onto digital silica structures. As a result, the inner world of feelings will die off. The consequences of this inner break down are much more far-reaching and devastating than the death of the physical body.

The idea is that everyone can be tracked via the energetic imprints beyond the death of the body and to ensure that the soul aspect continues to proceed toward digitalization

RNA and DNA is an encoded creation language and the vaccination process is an essential step to translate this language into an artificial digital language.

DNA is the language of life that carries within it the blueprint for a particular life form and that determines individual life processes.

Through RNA language genetic information of an organism can be translated.

RNA language provides direct access to the regulation of DNA coding and is responsible for translation of enzymes and proteins. The Vaccine is artificially programmed into the RNA coding and therefore mimics the language of our organism.

The actual aim of the Vaccine (if you can call it that) is to slowly install a DNA modification by only minimally changing the information chain of the RNA translation process.

With the Vaccine passive mRNA codes are injected that click into the communication network of the body, and that can be activated from the outside by specific radiation technology.

The passive RNA in their inactivated form are of no concern to the body as these artificial codes are generally not automatically taken up by the information chains. However as soon as they are activated and the digital programs are integrated into the copying process into the RNA, the artificial codes override the natural translation of the RNA and the organism will change its whole inner language bit by bit.

With the Vaccine we are indirectly being offered an alternative DNA and at some point an alternative, silica based eternal consciousness carrier.

It also stops the natural process of the life-death cycle.

Robin Kaiser

Original source unknown.