I was guided to do a house whispering session on my studio and to give you some insight into the house whispering process I decided to share a video with you. I always work with priorities and when I asked what part of my house needed house whispering I was directed to my studio. My studio is where I do most of my massages and one on one sessions.

I always consult my directional list to give structure to my sessions. Here is what resulted….

The Universal flow of energy in my studio is 55%. The universal flow relates the flow of life that flows through this space, ideally it needs to be 100% anything less relates to a blockage. Imagine a pipe, 100% is free flow, 0% is completely blocked and -100% relates to a negative flow of energy, that which does not support life energy.

I was then guided to locate the heart centre of my studio and discovered that there is no heart centre. The heart centre relates to the flow of love in this space.

The story that relates to my studio is: Restriction of RNA/DNA truth about citizen product of a poison vaccine.


Universal flow of energy with Dawn: 55%, which makes sense because this room reflects me. It is the space that I feel most comfortable working in.

I was then guided to determine the Universal flow of Australian Citizens as a whole which is 11%, for those of you who have been following what I am doing, you will know that I have rescinded my Citizenship as if you are a citizen the United Nations are the trustees of your estate, your property and you. I wrote a letter to the United Nations informing them of my standing as a living woman who is a subject of the imperial crown who is protected by hague treaties entered into force on the 26th January 1910.

I then determined the Universal flow energy of Living Men and Women, in other words those that know what is going on and are aware of the cestui que vie trust, the strawman etc. The universal flow of living men and women is 100%.

The universal flow of energy with my clients are 100%.

The universal flow of energy with Gaia is 0%. Gaia is blocked and the root cause is New Zealand and the story that relates to that is that 82% of the NZ population is Slave minded.

The remedy was to focus on a map of New Zealand and send unconditional love to New Zealand. We are all connected and where one goes, we all go. We are all part of the family of humanity and we all need to focus on love rather than fear.

The schuman resonance is the measurement of the electomagetic field of the earth. It is about 100 km in height. This field pulsates as if it were the heart of the planet and has a resonance frequenc of 7.83hz which would be its fundamental mode. This can vary due to solar disturbances in the ionosphere, geomagnetic disturbances, the presence of higher atmospheric rays.

There is a clear link between schuman resonance and brain rhythms. Our biological systems are tuned to our planets background frequency through schumann resonances. As the frequency of the earth can effect us, so can we effect it.


Part 2 of my studio House Whispering session, I needed to include an INNER COMPASS ASTROLOGICAL ALCHEMY session which involves locating the priority point on my natal chart to bring into focus that which is out of alignment or disharmonious.

The 10th house was my priority which relates to career and reputation, Pluto squares with mercury in this position which involves conflict and tension relating to personal power and teaching what one has learnt in regards to my career.

When we link it back to my studio the root cause was linked to the collective SLAVE MIND linked to NZ and you cannot be in a position of personal power if you have a SLAVE MENTALITY.

80% of the collective are blocked to learning the path of SELF-determination.


The remedy to clearing this blocked energy was to activate the Cerebellum of the collective. The Cerebellum contains 50% of all neurons in our brain, the cerebellum is involved in balance, motor skills, walking, standing and coordination of voluntary movements. It coordinates muscular activity and speech.


As a result of the shift in energy the universal flow of energy in my studio is +100%.

I needed to remove an item from this space, which was the ZOMBIE TAROT ORACLE. This was interesting on many levels as the SLAVE MIND is the ZOMBIE COLLECTIVE.

Removing Paranoia, anxiety and hopelessness

Introducing cooperation, progress and group effort

To progress towards conquest.

The heart centre is now open

And the universal flow of energy withing myself is 99% which is a lot better than 55%! I feel movement, my energy field is excited and expansive as the shift is still in progress.

If you would like to experience a HOUSE WHISPERING SESSION with me, we can do it remotely via zoom. I need a drawing of your house, the time and date that you were born and details about the issue that you would like to be cleared.

If you want to know how to do this for yourSELF then the two courses that I recommend is INNER COMPASS INTUITION MASTERY and INNER COMPASS HOUSE WHISPERING.