What if I told you that everything that you ever believed was a lie.

Collectively we are being deceived, misled and distracted.

Manipulated to react, contract to entrap.

Parasites full of shyte, left or right, red or blue, politicians who always knew, the few but poly ticks sucking the life blood from us all.

We say, entertain us, channel 7,9,10, abc, sbs, sky, fakebook, instagram, telegram, internet spam. Hollywood, paid actors, bad actors pushing a narrative that does not benefit the ewes. Fake news, division, double vision, them us, not knowing who to trust. Gaslighting is frightening, inviting and igniting the flames of fear that keep you locked in your slavery.

Stockholm syndrome, community kink, BDSM, govern me harder daddy, spank me, flank me, shank me. Keep me locked in my home, I hold the key, the freedom to leave but I don’t, I won’t.

Fear porn is the new norm. Mental illness, stress, distress, what a mess. Suicide ignored, ignorance of facts will impact the future generations of us all. Child abuse is the new norm. What are we teaching our children but to conform. Follow the rules, be a good little boy, play with your toys, gaming, the taming training. The cult of technology, zombie apocalypse is now, mindless drones staying at home and mclovin it.

Shaming and blaming. Faces in places disgraces. Smiles are outlawed, corporate policies enforced, law is divorced. Making up rules as they go along. How could this be wrong? It will all end when they say so. Full circle, penal colony to police state. The state of communism by stealth. Where is all the wealth? Gold is no more, the people are poor. Paper money, numbers on a screen.

We the people are the real wealth. Our health is wealth. Intuitively have you felt that something isn’t quite right about this whole paradigm where thoughts are now a crime? Arrested for wanting to be healthy and wealthy. Small businesses shut down yet the chains remain. Out flanked by corporate tanks pushing the banks. Usurfruct Youse are frucked. Country is bankrupt, still pushing the lie for a bigger piece of the pie. Hand outs and bribes, doughnuts and lies, nice try. Taking our land, this was planned. The living man will stand.

The corporate commonwealth is the fake commonwealth, the tricky and the sticky let’s give them the flicky. The stolen generation, intergeneration, human traficking in plain sight. Why don’t we fight for our rights? Because we don’t know them.

I see dead people, sheeple who don’t know who they are. Close but oh so far. The fiction can’t acknowledge the fact. Lies in disguise cannot hide from facts. Jab me, stab me grab me, no they cannot have me for I am the living, I am not the dead. I don’t need my head read, because I have said that I am not in their fiction jurisdiction, the friction is the drama wheel and thinking it’s real. I know the truth because I am a super sleuth, I am ruthless not truthless. They cannot take anything from me unless I give it to them. I have taken control of my fiction. Through my name in christ, my god given right, I am the executor of my estate. When I am asked are you Dawn Kelly, I say that I am Dawn Michelle, I am the executor of Dawn Kellys trust. This is a must. There is no fuss when you trust the trust. Debtors beware, they take the lions share when you are unaware. You need to care. Come out of her onto the land, the land of the living.