Once completing the Inner Compass® Intuition Essentials Online Course you will need access to the Inner Compass® foundation tools. These tools will open up a new way of clearing energy that has not been available to you before.

Inner Compass® Intuition Tool Kit

Mastering the pendulum and muscle testing is a very important part Inner Compass® Practitioner navigational system. Recognised by the IICT as an approved training provider, the Inner Compass® is a modality where you can access practitioner insurance.

The Inner Compass® Practitioner Starter Kit consists of the Inner Compass® Intuition Tool Kit, which is the foundation Soul Map and has many different uses, 6 Inner compass® KISS Stones and 3 Inner Compass® Ascension Stones, SELF-Love, I am and Freedom.

When you connect with the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF you have clarity of focus and navigation which is your intuition.

It is very important to understand that if you decide to become an Inner Compass® Practitioner you are embarking on a journey of SELF Mastery to become the Ascended Master of your own life, it is about SELF motivation and inner reliance. You become skilled at interpreting information and navigating through life.

Please contact me via the contact form to register your interest for the Inner Compass® Intuition Essentials Online Course and to order your Inner Compass® Practitioner Starter Kit.

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