A great turn out today at the Perth 2019 Invasion day rally. I hope that the abORIGINAL people, the ORIGINAL Australians felt supported today with their cause as many took the time to show their support. My family and friends of my family showed their support today. And today I can sat that I am very proud to be AUSTRALIAN!

I am looking forward to my partner becoming a dinky di Australian as he feels very much connected to our land as much as he does in New Zealand. I was naturalised in 1988 and I have never looked back. I love Perth and call this beautiful city my home.

30th July was the original date of Australia day

Whilst changing the date of Australia day won’t change history and there will always be a minority who won’t be happy or satisfied, what it will do is honour the ORIGINALs of this land. Acknowledging their pain and trauma as a people is part of building the bridge of reconcilliation and healing.

26th January 1788 Invasion day astrology