Are you immune from the Corporate Government medical mafia coercing Australian Citizens to participate in a track and trace medical experiment?

I am. I have anti-bodies or should I say anti-corporate bodies protect me from Government Tyranny. I have joined the Commonwealth Custodians and I have unincorporated my name. I have notified the corporate offices of my standing and I am in the process of detoxing or unravelling from the system.

I have informed Chris Dawson that I do not consent nor will I comply with any Covid-19 health directives. He occupies the office of Vaccine Commander, Commissioner of Police and State of Emergency Co-ordinator.

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Whether you are still looking for gifts for loved ones or something special to start the new year on track for you and your family and do a complete Corporate Government Detox!

LE FOM (F**k Off McGowan) Corporate Government Cleansing Mist: 50ml – Stay happy & grounded with protecting, purifying & grounding tangerine, cedarwood, cypress & peppermint essential oils in orange blossom & rose otto water.

Zeolite 500g – one of my favourite products – remove heavy minerals & toxins safely & generally without side effects, increases energy, clarity & vitality, buffers & balances pH.

Fulvic Humic Concentrate 30ml – New Mexico High Analysis “Elixir of Life”. Over 70 minerals, trace elements, amino acids & plant derived nutrients. Boosts nutrient absorption, enhances immune, cell & detox functions. Just 6 drops a day!

Diatomaceous Earth 250g – pure freshwater fossil shell flour with consistent diatom presence. Toxin, metal, pathogen, radiation & parasite detox and excellent source of silica.

Protocol Tea 40g – high in Shikimate & Hesperidin. A delicious propriety blend of highest quality organic Peppermint, St john’s Wort, Feverfew, Dandelion Root, Fennel, Ginkgo Biloba leaf & Star Anise.

Coconut Water Powder 250g – Certified organic freeze dried, nutrient dense superfood to balance & restore electrolytes. Perfect for our hot summers!! Add to water, juice or a smoothie. Delicious!!

Dead Sea Magnesium Chloride 1kg – Relax, relieve stress, improve sleep & soothe muscles with a foot soak or bath. 100% pure and unrefined. Transdermal absorption is optimum to elevate magnesium levels essential for every one of our cells.

FREE shipping and ready for immediate postage. All products contain the highest quality ingredients and is sure to get your glow on and is the best way to tell loved ones you care.

[Dis]claimer: Your health is your responsibility. Always do your own research and consult a doctor who doesn’t comply with the zombie health narrative if you have concerns about your health.

Learn to unincorporate your name and set up trusts to protect your estate and your family.

RRP: $149.00