Your Home is a reflection of your Inner World. The Love Your Home Insight Cards asks you to reflect on your life and look at all the areas that are possibly out of balance. 

General Meanings

ACTIVITY: The activity card is about bringing play and pleasure into your life. Perhaps it’s time to explore a new outlet to bring out your creative side.

BASEMENT: The basement card speaks about your subconscious. You are being asked to explore all that you are suppressing that could potentially be holding you back. Pay attention to your dreams as you may find the answers you have been looking for.

BATHROOM: The bathroom card is all about PERSONAL CARE. You are being asked to look at your health, hygiene and your general wellbeing.

BEDROOM: The bedroom card represents SELF-LOVE. You are being asked to look at your personal needs and focus on what you really want, and don’t want in your life.

CLEANING: The cleaning card relates to PERSPECTIVE. How clear is your current approach to life?  You are being asked to clear your head/house/life of any unwanted negativity to make way for a fresher and clearer approach to life.

COMPASS: The compass card focuses on DIRECTION. Perhaps you need to change direction and focus. New beginnings and a new adventure perhaps.

COLOUR: The colour card related to SELF EXPRESSION and INDIVIDUALITY. Stop being a sheep and start living your life the way you want to. Colour is the perfect way to start. What is your favourite colour? Now wear it, create with it, see it and live it.

DINING ROOM: The dining room card is about connecting to PLEASURE. Are you balancing social pleasures with your solo pleasures? Perhaps you need to make pleasure your priority?

ELECTRICITY: The electricity card represents ENERGY. Are you tired or drained of energy lately? Look at ways to plug into your PERSONAL POWER and disconnect from any faulty wiring that is potentially harmful to you. 

EXTERIOR: The exterior relates to APPEARANCES. Perhaps it is time to renovate an aspect of your life in relation to what you are presenting to others. 

FAMILY: The family card literally means that you need to focus on your FAMILY. Is there a particular family situation or member that needs your attention?

FENG SHUI: The feng shui card is about BALANCE. If this card comes up for you perhaps it is time to find ways to bring balance to your life.

FRIENDS: The friends card is about FRIENDSHIP. If you draw this card you are being asked to open your heart to others. Maybe it is time to make new friends or reconnect with long lost friends.

GARDEN: The garden card is all about your SPIRITUALITY. Perhaps the need for meditation, nature and being in the moment is being brought to your attention. If the card comes up for you , this is a perfect time for you to slow down and smell the roses.

KITCHEN: The kitchen card relates to EATING and FOOD in general. Look at your eating habits and how this is reflected in other areas of your life? You are being asked whether you are indeed nurturing and feeding your soul what it needs to achieve health and happiness.

LAUNDRY: The laundry card represents contentment. It is about getting rid of those unwanted stains and ironing out creases so that your life runs smoothly.

LIVING ROOM: The living room relates to LEISURE. If you draw this card perhaps it is time for some rest and/or recreation. 

OFFICE/STUDY: The office/study card relates to the MIND. It represents education, study and learning. Perhaps it is a good time to learn something new. 

RESOURCES: The resources card is the card of MANIFESTATION. Look at what you are manifesting in your life and ask yourSELF, is this what I really want? If it isn’t, review your situation and start manifesting what you truly want. The universe is waiting for your request.

SECURITY: The security card relates to PROTECTION. It is time to address any fears you may have in life and look at ways to release them. You attract what you fear. Work on clearing your fears so that you can feel safe and secure, and attract positive things in your life.

SHED: The shed card represents the MASCULINE PRINCIPLE. If you draw this card it means that it is time to take action and assert yourSLEF. It could also refer to a male.

SPARE ROOM: The spare room card relates to PERSONAL SPACE. Are you feeling cramped or restricted? Perhaps you need to rearrange your time and/or space for something new in your life?

TO DO LIST: The to do list card is about getting proactive. No more procrastinating! What is it you need to take the initiative on? It is time to focus on what needs to be done in your life and do it.

TOILET: The toilet card focuses on LETTING GO and DETOXIFICATION. If this card comes up for you, you need to look into an aspect of your life that requires clearing.

WATER: The water card represents the FEMININE PRINCIPLE. Perhaps it is time to go with the flow and surrender to what is happening in your life right now. This can also relate to a female.

YOUR PRIORITIES: The ‘your priorities’ card asks you to review your priorities. You are being asked to look at what is really important to you in order to help release the ‘overwhelm’ in your life