Do you LOVE your HOME? 

If not, why not?

Are you grateful for the shelter and protection your home offers you? Do you feel a sense of peace and family when you are home? Is it a space where you can be yourSELF?… OR do you feel completely disconnected and/or uncomfortable in this space?

I recently saw a client who was seeking help because she was at a crossroads in her life and needed to clear the negativity she felt about her home. If she didn’t clear it she needed to move.

I needed to get a sense of what was going on for her so I gave her a ‘Love Your Home’ Reading.

The Love Your Home Insight Cards

What unfolded during the reading was that she had experienced a chain of unfortunate events around security. Her brand new car was stolen from her driveway, teenage youths threw bottles at her house that damaged her roof tiles leading to water damage and the icing on the cake was that she had an ex-partner who was an alcoholic and heavy drug user who had been unfaithful on multiple occasions (they were highschool sweethearts and reconnected several years ago).

The transformation was to tap into her subconscious programs to assist her to clear this pattern so she could move forward with ease.

The underlying cause was lack of SELF LOVE. If she truly loved herSELF then she wouldn’t have put up with so much for so long. The gift in this tragic situation was that she took action and ended the relationship. 

I empowered my client by showing her some very simple tools to bring her into herSELF as she was completely disconnected from herSELF. I guided her through a psychic hypnotherapy session to clear this underlying subconscious program and then offered practical support by creating an environment that was assist her healing journey of SELF LOVE.

Here is an example of a Psychic Hypnotherapy session

The KISS Stones were a key element as they assist energetically to clear blocked and stuck energy. The KISS Stones are encoded with sacred geometry to clear or recieve what is needed from a Soul’s perspective.

Modern Feng Shui 

MODERN FENG-SHUI is a process that brings you HOME to yourSELF. It helps you to understand and move forward in life by exploring the relationship/connection you have with your home and to create meaningful change your life.

My client’s home was energetically ‘STUCK’. The universal flow of energy (UFE) was at zero% and it ideally needed to be at 100% to support the natural flow of life.

After this session, we rolled up our proverbial sleeves and got into some practical cleaning. The master bathroom was cluttered and was in need of some sparkle. My client decluttered her cabinet and it looked amazing. The intention was to get rid of the old and unwanted clutter that was creating a blockage for her and to focus on creating space for her.

Her bedroom was beautiful and didn’t need a lot of attention beyond cleaning the windows. Cleaning windows is so therapeutic, it can instantly do so much for a room by bringing in more natural light and symbolically see clearer.

The House Whisperer: The beautiful bedroom!

The room that held the most pain for my client was the two spare rooms. One room in particular held alot of painful memories for her as that is where ex-partner’s computer was and some of his questionable paraphernalia.

This was the room of violation and indiscretion.

Everything needed to go. We threw out his mattress and we got rid of the remnants that he had left behind, that oddly included a broken safe. That in itself was symbolic of the lack of security that was showing up in my clients reading.

We ceremoniously threw them in the rubbish bin with intention of letting him go and what he represented for her.

Due to the nature of my clients relationship with her ex-partner, her home was not a social place for her. The guest bathroom needed some love and after the deep clean a towel was placed in there for her future guests. Baths are so awesome, they offer a cleansing space to clear you stop and focus on you. Epsom Salts are the perfect addition to relax your muscles and clear your auric field.

My client plans to repaint her home and when this is done she will able to focus on herSELF. Her life will transform! 

She is a smart, young, capable woman who has so much going for her. By changing a few core programs and offering her physical and energetic support she will launch herSELF into an awesome new life.

FYI: By the time we had finished, the Universal Flow of Energy (UFE) was 100%!

Love Your Home Love yourSELF