I was drawn to record a reading this morning using the ‘Love Your Home’ Insight cards and what transpired was very profound. The process of using the cards is simple, if you know how to use a pendulum and are deeply connected to your SELF and your Intuition then the readings are laser beam accurate. They are so simple to use and understand that anyone can use them.

This particular session was focused on money and changing your thoughts and energy around money and competition. The world IS abundant and when we are clear on what we want and believe this, money will manifest in our lives.

Love Your Home Reading with Dawn Kelly: MONEY!!!!

The message relates to an aspect of an 8 week webinar that I am currently participating in facilitated by Suzanna Broughton. It is a FREE ‘8 week Money Mastermind’ webinar and part of the process is that we listen to an audiobook called ‘The science of getting rich’ by Wallace D. Wattles. I am finding it extremely beneficial and recommend Suzanna’s services if you are finding it difficult to manifest money and have conflict with this aspect of your life as a woman.

Susanna’s 8 Week Money Mastermind Webinar.

Quite some time ago I explored the topic of MONEY in a playful and experimental way with my meetup group and created these videos. They focus on how our thoughts about money can change the vibration of water which reacts with the rice.

Dr Emoto’s was a Japanese scientist that conducted experiments with frozen water molecules that show how your energy and intention changes the molecular structure of water.

Suzanna coincidentally participated in the MONEY EXPERIMENT. Please feel free to watch them to see what unfolded.

Dr Emoto’s Money Experiment Part 1
Dr Emoto’s Money Experiment Part 2