I love love, it is as simple as that. I am a romantic at heart and spent many a day as a child dreaming of the perfect love. I would often play with my cindy doll and my brother’s action man pretending that they were married and very much in love.

Many of us dream the dream of true love yet it doesn’t show up for us in our lives and when love does show up there are sometimes it is less than true. It is often conditional and barbed with painful experiences.

I recently filmed part of an Inner Compass® Modern Feng Shui with Donna Iverson, a musician and creative, which was themed around attracting true love. Infact, the theme of Donna’s life for the next 18 months is manifesting true love. A very lovely theme to have. Donna is a highly creative and romantic Goddess that deserves to find true love. Much of her music is themed around love and spirituality, love is a big part of her world.

The session involved clearing the energy in her bedroom to make space for true love. We couldn’t film the full session as much of it was personal and the camera angle was awkward, however we identified a clear process to help her open up and allow love to fill her heart. Letting go of past loves was key.

If you would like an Inner Compass Modern Feng Shui Session or would like to learn how to do this for yourSELF please contact me for more information.