On the 7th December 2021 a bill was passed through the Western Australian Parliament called the Treasurer’s advance Authorisation Bill 2021. The objective of this bill was to increase the Treasurer’s Advance Account limit for the current financial year (2020-21) from the amount authorised to $688,836,000 (six hundred and eighty-eight million, eight hundred and thirty six thousand dollars) stating the funds were for covid related costs.

A state of emergency was announced in March 2020 based on advice from the WHO due to a flu pandemic that has been branded as Covid-19.

Mark McGowan who is the Western Australian Premier, the treasurer, Minister for public sector management, federal-state relations and it is also becoming obvious that he is also a Big Pharma sale representative.

Mark McGowan does not work for the people of western Australia, he works for the stakeholders of the Government corporation. Big pharma are major stakeholders.

The people of Western Australia are customers of the Government Corporation. The only virus that is spreading is the Marketing of Covid related products and medical services.

If you look closer at the Covid Trojan horse you will see that Covid is nothing more than a Globalist business plan. The United Nations have Australia on it’s knees, the debt accumulated though the IMF can never be repaid and the WHO’s branded Covid-19 is not only murdering the Australian economy it is murdering Australian Citizens.

My intention is to bring awareness to what is going on here in Western Australia and to bring accountability into action.

The Western Australian treasury Corporation defines it’s purpose as to provide a comprehensive range of debt products and associated debt management services which are designed to support clients to achieve their financial objectives. The treasurer’s advance Authorisation Bill 2021 is certainly creating a lot of debt for Western Australia.

The According to the Western Australian Treasury Report, they borrowed $598 million AUD from overseas 30.6.21. During the financial year, WATC executed in excess of $221 million in foreign exchange transactions in 10 currencies on behalf of 20 clients. International treaties were signed in 2020-2021 between the CCP and Australia and Singapore involving trade, investment and the implementation of a digital currency.


The solution as I see it is to stop the debt cycle that is being created by this corporation counterfeit government by holding them all accountable for their actions. This debt is not our debt it is theirs. I move that we make Mark McGowan be personally liable for the debt he has created on behalf of the WHO and big pharma.

He and his mates need to be removed from parliament and replaced with a caretaker government until proper elections can be held. Voting in this current system is insanity, you cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem you need to go to the root cause, and the root cause are the politicians working for the United Nations.

Keith-charles occupies the office of the accountable authority for a non corporate commonwealth and the word is spreading fast. All you need to do is join the commonwealth custodians website, unincorporate your name and learn how to navigate your way out of the satanic corporate state system.