In today’s increasingly complicated world, mindfulness is often a trait that is jeopardized. As most of us are too focused on our daily tasks, we forget to temporarily pause, and begin reflecting about who we are and the life choices that we make. As a result, we are often trapped by this feeling that we can never move forward. Our daily tasks can efficiently serve as an escape for us from facing the real questions that matter in life.

By being busy with what we have to do, we subconsciously neglect what we yearn for.  With this context, mindfulness is an excellent tool for us to increase our motivation in life. By being mindful, we unlock new perspectives, making it easier for us to see that there is an end-goal for us to achieve.  

When we lack mindfulness, it signifies that we lack motivation and goals. While we may have the skill to execute something, lacking in both or one of these key areas will make it almost impossible for us to achieve what we want.  Consider for instance the act of going to the gym. When one lacks goals in life, the gym becomes insignificant. Even when the person has enough experience and training, the lack of motivation will turn every day into hell for him/her. In the same way, lacking goals is like going to the same gym, but this time you have no idea where you’re headed to. You will be burnt out in no time, as you lack that inner idea of the self that you want to become.           

In both points, it is often our mindfulness that brings us closer to success. By being able to think of these things actively, we elevate them in the priority of conscious thoughts. For instance, with your goal of improving your weight, having a specific amount lost per week and month will make it easier for you to say no to that 390kcal Oreo Custard Krispy Kreme donut.           

The key lies in your awareness of such motivation and goal, something that will consistently make you move forward in life.

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