Modern Feng Shui

Your home, the environment in which you live, is a reflection of you. It has a consciousness and it energetically responds to you and the way you feel whether you are aware of this or not. Your home’s gift to you is that is the space to experience yourSELF, as does the world

When you look closely, your home has so much to tell you. It is a clear mirror into what you are currently manifesting. Your home holds the secrets to the SELF. Awakening to the wisdom of your home is a beautiful organic process. It involves connecting deeply with your home and honoring this space with Love and Gratitude.

MODERN FENG-SHUI is a process that brings you HOME to yourSELF. It helps you to understand and move forward in life by exploring the relationship/connection you have with your home and to create meaningful change your life.

Aspects exlpored during a MODERN FENG-SHUI session are:

  • Do you love your home? If not, why not?
  • Do you feel Love in your home?
  • Does your home love you?
  • Are you compatible with your home?
  • What is the Universal Flow of energy in your home (chi)?
  • What are you currently co-creating with your home?
  • Are there any incompatible energies?
  • Is there any Geopathic Stress?
  • Is there any conflict present?
  • Are there any blockages?
  • What is the pathway forward? (Strategies)
  • Stuck in Overwhelm?

A Modern Feng Shui offers you a refreshing insight into the inner most workings of your life and will unlock the secrets to creating harmony within your home and ultimately your life.

Modern Feng Shui tools are available for purchase:

How to Feng Shui a person using a KISS Stone