My research has led me to the awareness of the fact that Australia is currently under a foreign occupation government and so are you. When you look deeper into the etymology and dive deep within yourSELF you will begin to SEE this too. SEE as a noun refers to the throne of a Bishop, Archbishop or Pope. It is the administration centre of a Bishop.


To GOVERN is to rule with authority, to steer or pilot a ship and MENT of of the mind, as in mental.

Are you allowing your GOVERNMENT to steer your thinking? For most I would say YES!

My practice takes me to a place of empowerment to look at the deeper clarification of my experiences. If I have allowed the foreign occupied GOVERNMENT to steer my thinking in the direction of WAR because of HIS-story , then it is my personal RESPONSE-ABILITY, that is my ability to respond and take ACCOUNTABILITY, being my ability to pay my own debts and settle my personal ACCOUNTS and throw the money lenders out of my TEMPLE.

My TEMPLE includes my MIND, MY BODY, MY SOUL and MY SPIRIT. [inclusio unius est exclusio alterius]

When I refer to ‘MY TEMPLE’ it is a place where GOD resides. GOD Resides within ME.

I am waking up to realize with REAL-EYES as opposed to SEEing or being seen as a DEBT SLAVE to the MONEY LENDERS of the TEMPLE, which is the World Banks and the global elite and as we are currently under ROMAN LAW, this was anchored in firmly by Gaulf Wittlam and the UNIDROIT TREATY OF ROME! You know what they say ‘FOLLOW THE MONEY’ because ‘ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME!!!’.

No matter what path you take, you will always end up in ROME, well that was their plan anyway. It doesn’t have to be that way!