The Occupants of the office of;

The C.E.O. of City of Joondalup, James Pearson;

The Occupant of the Office of;

Corporate Services, Mat Humfrey.

The Occupant of the Office of;

Governance and Strategy, Jamie Parry.

The Occupant of the Office of;

Planning and Community Development, Chris Leigh.

The Occupant of the Office of Mayor;

Albert Jacob.

The Occupants of the Office of; City of Joondalup Counsellors;

Adrian Hill, Christine Hamilton-Prime,

Christopher May, Daniel Kingston,

John Chester, John Logan, John Raftis,

Nige Jones, Russ Fishwick, Russell Poliwaka,

Suzanne Thompson, Tom McLean.

Ninety, Boas Avenue,


Original State: Western Australia,

The Commonwealth of Australia.                                

The thirteenth Day of the seventh month in the year two thousand and twenty-two.

Peace and blessings to you (“All”).

You “All” as Occupants of the Offices within the “CITY OF JOONDALUP” (“C.O.J.”) have been notified that Dawn-michelle is the Executor for the Dawn Michelle Kelly, Estate [ABN 41 986 775 150] and that my natural born and affirmed allegiance is to The Commonwealth of Australia. I am also a Commonwealth National, NOT a “CORPORATE CITIZEN” of the counterfeit look alike that has been installed by stealth and subterfuge.

You “All” have been informed that there are two Commonwealths as defined in the “Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013, section 11 Types of Commonwealth entities

There are 2 types of Commonwealth entities:

(a) a corporate Commonwealth entity, which is a Commonwealth entity that is a body corporate; and

                             (b) a non‑corporate Commonwealth entity, which is a Commonwealth entity that is not a body corporate. Note: Corporate Commonwealth entities are legally separate from the Commonwealth, whereas non‑corporate Commonwealth entities are part of the Commonwealth.”

As a Commonwealth National, I stand in the jurisdiction of a non-corporate Commonwealth. In order to claim this standing, two criteria need to be satisfied; to be a living man or woman, not a STATE owned “Artificial Public Person”, and to have claimed your Estate. I have done both. You “All” have evidence of this in my previous correspondence.  

The “C.O.J.” [ABN 64 245 472 416] is a department of the Western Australian Corporation Government that trades under the name of the “WESTERN AUSTRALIA TREASURY CORPORATION” [ABN: 22 300 359 323]. The Commonwealth of Australia is under belligerent Occupation. 

You “All” work for the foreign Globalist Administrators of this corporate government, known as the Commonwealth of Australia [ABN 122 104 616] and registered with the United States American Securities and Exchange Commission: [No. 000 080 5157. 651 and it’s CIK# is 0000805157. The business address is listed as 1601 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NWC/O AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY WASHINGTON DC 20036].

The “C.O.J.” was established in the year nineteen ninety-eight [1998] despite a constitutional referendum on the third day of the ninth month in the year nineteen eighty-eight [3.9.1988] with an overwhelming NO vote of sixty-nine point thirty-three percent [69.33%] by the people of Western Australia, and yet here we are. Furthermore the “C.O.J.” became incorporated in the year nineteen ninety-nine [1999]. 

Equity Maxim: A statute cannot be a cloak for fraud. 

The “C.O.J.” is a business and according to the Dunn and Bradstreet website the “C.O.J.” 

generated [$174.72 million USD] in sales in the year two thousand and seventeen [2017]. As the “C.O.J.” is a business and “All” occupants within every office can only act within the authority of their Office. They are not protected under the Office of the Crown, because they are not servants of the Crown which was incidentally unlawfully removed from every court in Western Australia by way of the “ACTS AMENDMENT AND REPEAL (COURTS AND LEGAL PRACTICE) ACT 2003 (NO. 65 OF 2003)”.

To clarify, sale is defined as the transfer of something in return for money on terms agreed upon between the buyer and the seller. “C.O.J.” Council rates and Council services need to be mutually agreed upon. I have not seen nor been presented with evidence that that the Dawn Michelle Kelly, Estate has a mutually agreed upon rates contract with the “C.O.J.”.

In the year nineteen ninety-two [1992], the Occupant of the office of the corporate Commonwealth Prime Minister, Paul Keating signed “Agenda 21” on behalf of the corporate Commonwealth of Australia. One hundred and seventy-eight nations around the world signed the United Nations Agenda 21. The “CITY OF JOONDALUP” has been a member of “ICLEI” since the year two thousand and seven [2007] The man that occupies the Office of Mayor, the man known as Albert Jacob has accepted private liability for this act of treason as the corporation Mayor. “ICLEI” is an international non-government organization which is independent of government that controls and influences the “CITY OF JOONDALUP” policies and spending under the guise of Smart Cities and The sustainable goals program.

Authorised King James Version Bible [1611] Genesis 1:26-28 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”.

A cheque was sent to the “C.O.J” for the amount of sixty-five dollars [$65.00] as an act of good faith and in good conscience to finalise any debt obligation that could be assumed and presumed by the “C.O.J” to pay rates for the period of [2022–2023] for my place of domicile in Warwick, the original state of Western Australia, The Commonwealth of Australia, this said cheque was banked. My correspondence was undisputed and after three notices were received by the “C.O.J.” and confirmed in an email from Mat Humfrey, who is the Occupant of the Office of Director of Corporate Services that ironically denied the fact that the “COJ” is a foreign occupied and controlled corporation that is required to operate under the “Corporations Act 2001”.

Mats email response was “The City refers to your letters dated 2, 19 and 21 June 2022, received by the City on 9, 23 and 28 June 2022 respectively, and your email dated 21 June 2022.

The City is a local government established by statute in Western Australia. It is neither a corporation in Australia, or elsewhere, nor a subsidiary of any overseas/foreign corporation or other foreign entity.

The City’s powers to levy rates and charges, among other things, are derived from the Local Government Act 1995. Please be advised that the premise of your recent correspondence regarding the City is mistaken and you are encouraged to seek appropriate advice regarding such matters.

The City will issue your rates notice for 2022-23 under the Local Government Act 1995, which you are obliged under law to pay, using any of the various payment avenues and arrangements offered to you at the time.

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Please be advised that the City’s position regarding this matter is as described above and is final.  Future correspondence of a same or similar nature will be reviewed and stored in the City’s Record Management System but will not be responded to…  Regards Mat Humfrey, Director Corporate Services, City of Joondalup…”.

Let me be very clear, the “C.O.J” operates in an entirely different jurisdiction that is foreign to Me. I operate in the jurisdiction of the non-corporate Commonwealth and as stated in my previous correspondence to every Occupant of every Office in the “C.O.J”. If any Occupant of any Office within the “CITY OF JOONDALUP” would like to conduct business with Me, being Dawn-michelle, Executor [ABN: 41 986 775 150] then My Office requires you, Mat to provide the appropriate “ASIC form 418” approved documentation as you are an Agent of a foreign corporation that is foreign to the non-corporate Commonwealth.

Furthermore the “Fair Trading Act 2010, Australian Consumer Law (WA) 

162. Assertion of right to payment for unsolicited goods or services 

(2) A person commits an offence if the person, in trade or commerce, asserts a right to payment from another person for unsolicited services. 

(3) A person commits an offence if the person, in trade or commerce, sends to another person an invoice or other document that: (a) states the amount of a payment, or sets out the charge, for unsolicited goods or unsolicited services; 

Penalty (6) An offence against subsection (1), (2) or (3) committed by a body corporate is punishable on conviction by a fine of not more than the greater of the following: (a) $10,000,000;.

Council rates are unsolicited. The payment of sixty-five [65] dollars that was banked by the “CITY OF JOONDALUP” as being the first and final payment of unsolicited rates to Dawn Michelle Kelly, place of domicle Lot [165] Dorchester Avenue, Warwick, Original State of Western Australia, The Commonwealth of Australia.

I suggested that Mat seek legal advice regarding this matter as Mat and every Occupant of every Office of the “C.O.J.” are now privately liability for any pain, loss, suffering and damage due this attempt to extort money from the Dawn Michelle Kelly, Estate.

“We the People” of the Commonwealth are protected by The Constitution Act 1900 (Imp), this is our nations founding document which states “WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established… The Original State of Western Australia joined the indissoluble Federal Commonwealth in 1901.

It was stipulated via email that from nine [9] A.M. on the eleventh day of the seventh month in the year two thousand and twenty-two [11.7.2022] that a response was required from Mat within seventy-two [72] hours that this matter is finalised and settled or else his silence will be taken as agreement. I am also forgiving all past extortion from the “C.O.J.” in the form of coerced payments of rates, fines and infringements when this matter is mutually agreed upon to have reached its conclusion.

Govern yourself wisely

Peace and Blessings

Dawn-michelle, Executor,

Dawn Michelle Kelly, Estate.

All rights reserved,

Errors and omissions excepted.