Painful persuasion and repeat restrictions.

The viral marketing of Mark McGowan’s pretend rules means that others will police the rules through peer pressure.

Business to business advertising between Pfizer and the corporation government.

Illness objectives register ownership. Liquidation, secret merger warning.

Management of current assets acquire action. Formal relinquishment legal pressure.

Sell Western Australia. New CEO geographically located in Japan.

Ownership transaction – stripping away.

Problem with Stock take majority. Majority knowledge knowledge is strong. Us/them separation.

Pathway is humility: You can face any obstacle if you remain modest and receive what is good and right.

Sever from the Corporate government by Unincorporation.

Stock take death, collect territory. Serious overseas collection and ownership.

Mark McGowan stealing through Acts and Legislation. Government being stolen NOW. Poison population.

My website = Freedom.

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