Goddess Massage with Dawn


You are invited to embark on a sacred journey to the SELF. So much more than a massage, a Goddess Massage is the gateway to the DIVINE. It is a multidimensional process that accesses all parts of you to bring you home to SELF.

Combining sacred touch (massage), breath exploration, hypnotherapy and energy clearing, it is a SENSE-YOU-ALL session. You are energetically guided through a process where you are in a state of surrender. Safe in the in the womb of the sacred mother, you will be nurtured and honoured as the divine being that you are. Dawn combines many of the Inner Compass® tools including KISS Stones, Divinity Codes and Ascension Stones.

The Goddess Massage is a stand alone (or laying down alone))  session or can be part of an Inner Compass® Session. Physical touch combined with energy clearing can be a life changing experience.

One thing that can be said about Dawn’s Goddess Massages is that every session is filled with the presence of LOVE. She is able to connect with her clients in a very deep and authentic way. Coalescence Alchemy is the foundation practice that is used in every session, which is otherwise known as heart medicine. The combination of energy between the client and practitioner, when connected in the right way, in the right place in the right time is creates a shift for both parties. Heart medicine can be likened to plant medicine as in flower essences but the essence is LOVE.

The studio is a warm and inviting space adorned with rich opulant colours, texures, sacred sound and special incense to encourage a deep connection to the physical body. The luxurious magenta red walls and the black chandaliers were chosen specifically for their vibrational resonnance. This specific colour communicates with the body on a deep cellular level reaffirming safety. People have often referred Dawn’s studio as “the womb room” or the “cocoon room” because the general feeling is that you are in a womb or cocoon, suspended in time, present and focused on the SELF.

Dawn welcomes both male and female clients and has very clear boundaries and in an environment of mutual respect. The Goddess Massage is not a sexual massage nor offers any associations with a sexual service.

Cost: $100 per hour

Book and pay for 3 GODDESS sessions and get the 4th for FREE!




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