Reconnection to SELF: Online Psychic Hypnotherapy Session



The number 1 root cause of any issue that my clients present with  is ‘Disconnection from the SELF’. We may be aware that something is missing or out of alignment or we might be totally oblivious to this. Reconnecting to ourSELF is HUGE. Reconnection to SELF is the foundation to moving forward in any meaningful and lasting way. Once we are connected to SELF we have the potential for SELF MASTERY.

The definition of PSYCHIC: 1. of or relating to the psyche. 2. relating to phenomena that involves telepathy or clairvoyance.

The definition of HYPNOTHERAPY: A type of psychotherapy that is typically used to  initiate change in a person while he/she is in a sleep-state or a state of unconsciousness otherwise known as hypnosis. The process would invoke feelings of intense concentration, relaxation, and focus.

PSYCHIC HYPNOTHERAPY is a process that brings in the HIGHEST most awakened intention to clear patterns or programs that are inhibiting us from fulfilling our greatest purpose. By psychically tapping in to the subconscious and influencing the patterns and beliefs the conscious mind cannot block the process.

Here is an example of the transformation of PSYCHIC HYPNOTHERAPY!


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