HEAVY METAL DETOX – Micronized Volcamin (ZEOLITE) – 500g


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What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is the mineral that forms when volcanic lava comes in contact with water. The name itself comes from the Greek words zéō, “boiling,” and líthos, “stone.” Zeolites are composed of various elements, including aluminum, silicon, oxygen, zinc, and titanium.

The reaction that occurs when lava meets the cold sea generates a negative charge, which acts as a powerful tool for detox inside the human body. These negatively charged zeolites are loosely bound to minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium. The microporous structure is often referred to as a “rock-like sponge.”

When zeolite enters the body, these negatively charged structures begin to swap minerals with larger ions, including heavy metals. In other words, when introduced into the body, zeolites will trade healthy particles in exchange for toxic ones, allowing things like heavy metals to exit the body safely.



The ability for zeolites to detoxify the human body is probably the most studied and scientifically supported benefit. Thanks to its negatively charged porous structure, zeolites attract and bind to positively-charged toxins. It can be useful to picture zeolites as magnets for toxins, which then get eliminated as zeolites exit the body.

Thanks to its unique cage-like composition and negative charge, zeolite can trap:

  • Heavy metals
  • Poison (both natural and chemical)
  • Microbes
  • Radioactive elements
  • Metabolic waste
  • And more

In doing so, zeolite has a profound impact on various systems of the body. It can reverse oxidative damage, promote longevity, promote a healthy microbiome, kill viruses and bacteria, boost levels of minerals in the body, and promote healing.


Gut Health

Common gut issues stem from gut permeability, whereby the tight junctions have lost their ability to do their job effectively. This permeability allows unwanted pathogens, particles, and toxins to leak directly into the bloodstream, which weakens the immune system and introduces a variety of health problems.

Studies suggest that zeolite supplementation has beneficial effects on intestinal wall integrity as indicated via decreased concentrations of the tight junction modulator zonulin, as well as an anti-inflammatory effect.


Boosts the Immune System

Studies suggest that zeolite clinoptilolite can boost and regulate the immune system. By increasing the T-cell activity as well as the macrophages in the body, clinoptilolite increases the body’s immunity. By detoxifying the body from heavy metals, and decreasing gut permeability, zeolite also reduces the burden on the immune system.


Promote Brain Health and Mood

Heavy metals tend to lodge themselves in brain tissues and disrupting brain activity. This lodging can lead to neural damage and a host of side effects, including depression, anxiety, and various attention disorders.

Due to its ability to detoxifying the brain, zeolite offers a solution to various brain and mood ailments by addressing the actual root cause. Studies highlight its ability to detoxify a wide range of metals, including mercury, aluminium, and lead– all commonly found in the body due to their historical presence in amalgam fillings, vaccines, and paint (respectively).


Allergies and Inflammation

Zeolites have been shown to trap histamines associated with inflammation, reducing the inflammatory response by over 50%. Since zeolites can bind to airborne pollutants, zeolites can act like robust buffers to not only allergies (seasonal, pollen, etc.) but also reduce the harmful impact of environmental toxins found in developed areas (exhaust fumes, etc.).


Liver Health

Zeolites can help reduce the toxic burden on the liver, as well as boost its ability to filter out toxins. Since zeolites bind to toxins and help excrete them safely, including this supplement in your life reduces the likelihood of re-toxification (when your body re-absorbs the toxins, due to there being too significant a burden on the liver).

Zeolites also provide a large dose of antioxidants to the body, which supports glutathione production in the body. Glutathione is a crucial compound involved as a coenzyme in oxidation-reduction reactions in cells. Indeed, studies highlight that zeolite reduces oxidative damage in the blood, and can help regenerate liver-damage.


Abnormal Cell Growth

The link between zeolites and abnormal cell growth therapy are in their infancy stages, mostly rooted in animal and cellular-based studies. The results, however, have been astonishing– including shrinking and prevention of tumor development, increasing the success rate of chemotherapy, and boosting longevity.

When used topically, clinoptilolite demonstrates a drastic reduction in abnormal cellular growth development in mice. Zeolites have also been shown to enhance the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs used for abnormal growths in the colon and stomach.


Topical Uses for Zeolite

Zeolite also has various benefits when used topically on the skin.

Skin Conditions

Zeolite can be used to help reduce inflammation from the outside in. When used topically, zeolite has an anti-inflammatory impact on the outer layer of skin. It can be used on skin irritations, such as eczema, rosacea, or sunburn. It does so by binding to histamine, thus relieving the inflammatory or allergic reaction.


Personal Care

Zeolite is widely used for personal care items, particularly in natural or non-toxic products. Due to its ability to eliminate odors, zeolite sprays can be an easy natural deodorant. Its protective barrier can also act as a natural sunscreen. Its properties may even reverse oxidative damage caused on the skin from previous sunburns and aging. Using powdered zeolite is a great natural body scrub or detoxifying face mask.

You will also find zeolite as a common ingredient in an array of personal care products, including toothpaste and soaps.


Side Effects and Interactions

The results from clinical trials suggest that zeolites caused no significant side effects when consumed internally. However, it is worth noting that powdered zeolites can cause lung inflammation and damage if inhaled.

Due to its high negative charge, zeolites should not be consumed around the same time as the consumption of food, other supplements, or drugs, for it can bind to these substances as well. Consuming zeolites around other materials can inhibit the absorption of nutrients or the drugs themselves, and minimize the detoxification benefits.

It is suggested to take zeolites 2-3 hours before or after consumption of food or drugs, and always consult with your doctor before supplementing with zeolite.


Zeolite Supplements

Sourcing a high-quality supplement is essential to ensure a safe and effective product. Two key factors when sourcing the best include:

  • A zeolite that comes from a reputable brand that sources their zeolite in clean environments has been appropriately handled and tested for contamination.



Zeolite is a substance that is created when volcanic magma comes in contact with seawater. The reaction creates a highly negatively charged molecule that looks like a porous rock. Due to its structure, zeolite can bind to a wide range of toxins, both in the human body and in the environment.

The most common type is called clinoptilolite; this natural zeolite has a wide range of health benefits, including detoxification, gut health support, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, liver support, and helps stop abnormal cellular growth.

Although it is considered safe, zeolites should never be inhaled or consumed around the same time as food, other supplements, or drugs. Zeolite should be used according to their specific recommended dosage (as well as off-cycling periods), and in conjuncture with your healthcare professional’s opinion.


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