Psychic Hypnotherapy

The definition of PSYCHIC: 1. of or relating to the psyche. 2. relating to phenomena that involves telepathy or clairvoyance.

The definition of HYPNOTHERAPY: A type of psychotherapy that is typically used to initiate a change in a person while he/she is in a sleep-state or a state of unconsciousness otherwise known as hypnosis. The process would invoke feelings of intense concentration, relaxation, and focus.

PSYCHIC HYPNOTHERAPY is a process that brings in the HIGHEST most awakened intention to clear patterns or programs that are inhibiting us from fulfilling our greatest purpose. By psychically tapping in to the subconscious and influencing the patterns and beliefs the conscious mind cannot block the process.

Psychic Hypnotherapy with Ricky and Dawn
Psychic Hypnotherapy with Vicki and Dawn

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