If you participated in YOU-GA this week, this is the immense awareness and support that has been offered to you. I am literally blown away at this celestial support, such potent wisdom and insight.

If you would like to participate next week all you need to do is register HERE, a focus reading, and a playlist will be sent to you and at the end of the week you will receive your guide for the week, which is called a YOU-GA MAP.

YOU-GA MAP 1st – 2nd June  2019

  1. It is time to meet your shadow.
  2. Take responsibility for what is happening to you.
  3. Jealousy is sabotaging your success
  4. Look no further than yourSELF, your answers lie within.
  5. Surrender to the great oneness, your community awaits.

It is time to meet your shadow

It is a time for great stillness and calm observation. Be aware of how you are feeling and connect to thoughts and feelings that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility within.

Accept that you are where you are right now. Be aware that your shadow will appear to you if not now in the coming week/s showing you the pathway to deep healing of SELF. Own your shadow because your shadow is your greatest teacher. Face that part of you that you have denied for so long. We are all lightness and darkness as complete as the day surrendering to the night. Perfect and complete.

Welcome your shadow and meet it without judgement. Use your breath and your voice to release the resistance to seeing the wholeness of YOU!

Take responsibility for what is happening within our bodies.

Empower yourSELF to take action and be responsible for what is happening in your life. Change what you can, accept what you can and walk away when you need to.

The energies of support are with you. You no longer have to do ‘this’ on your own. Your guarded approach to life and the belief that you are the only person you can rely on needs to change for you to become fully present and alive in your physical earth suit (your body).

Be open to the many talented earth angels that will assist you to expand into the fullness of YOU! After this week’s YOU-GA session you will discover your community!

Focus on your heart. Connect to the magnetic field of your heart which is the torus field. Deeply understand that the more love you give out the more love will come to you.

Jealousy is sabotaging your success.

Go within and become aware of who or what triggers your jealousy response. Awareness is the key to slaying the green eyed monster.

Be mindful of where jealousy is locked into your physical body and set the intention to release it.

Look no further than yourSELF, your answers lie within.

Your gift to the world is PLAY. When you awaken to this, you will truly shine. Play opens you and gives you access to the kingdom within .

Your money beliefs around receiving need to change. Stop taking life too seriously.

Let your hair down and have fun. Be silly, laugh, dance, move and play.

Surrender to the great oneness, your community awaits.

Your perception is KEY right now. We judge our experiences through the filters of our past, understanding that how we see things isn’t necessarily how thing really our. When we realize with our REAL EYES we see the truth that we are all one, there is no separation.

You are now beginning to understand that all we see is an illusion!