We view the world through our own unique filter. Our view of the world isn’t the same as another’s and as we are all shaped by past experiences, programs and patterns which can lead to conflicting interpretations.

Bringing awareness to core patterns and programs that have far reaching consequences and can impact all aspects of our lives is at the heart of my work. 

If you are willing to explore these patterns and conditions and go deeply into how they are showing up for you and impacting your life, the bountiful treasures of the awakened mind awaits you.

From gestation to seven is where your core programs are installed.

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man”,


However, in my experience these programs are being installed and reinforced, every day, in every moment no matter what age you are. If you are not present and aware of your thoughts then you are being programed.

My Story

Life has been eventful for me over the past four years or so… I got divorced, I entered a new relationship, he got divorced, we bought a house, then we got engaged, there was a problematic ex wife, there was a step son, there was family court, there were expensive lawyers, we struggled financially, there were allegations, there was even a biker! The police got involved, there was tension and conflict, there were lies, deception and injustice. 

I attracted these events because of my programing. Do I want to continue running these programs bringing more of the same drama and conflict into my life… Hell no!

As much as we fight and resist these programs, especially in our early teens, twenties and into our thirties, we end up like our parents. As I see things, I am now in a relationship with a version of my father and I am a version of my mother. I resisted this program early in life and married a man who was the opposite of my father.

Same Sh*t different relationship!

I had a revelation this morning after a miscommunication between my partner and myself the night before. I realised, with REAL EYES that my current situation, energetically feels exactly the same as the environment in which I grew up.

Growing up, I had a brother who required a lot of attention from my parents. He was a constant source of stress and worry for them, he continues to be, 46 years on.

Throughout my life, my brother has dominated my parents attention, through no fault of his own, it just worked out that way. He was just experiencing life his way. I on the other hand was compliant and well behaved until I was 15, then things changed. I learnt that if you want attention you have to speak up or else you go under the radar.

The program and pattern that is showing up for me right now is that when I attempt to discuss my thoughts/feelings/wants/needs with my mother and now my partner they are not able to hear me, and now that I think about it, my ex husband wasn’t able to hear me either. They interpret what I have to say as criticism and as a personal attack. They strongly defend their position and insert blame where compassion and neutrality is needed. My intention was to speak my truth it wasn’t to criticise or blame.

What do I do next?

How do I move forward? How do I change this program and pattern that keeps showing up for me in my key relationships?

1/ Be present and neutral.

Taking long slow deep breaths is very grounding.

2/ Consciously reprogram my reality with SELF hypnosis

Be aware of what is showing up and recalibrate the misalignment. For example; If I feel that my partner is unable to hear what I have to say then reaffirm this: “My partner understands my needs” or “I feel heard in my relationship”. This SELF hypnosis statement needs to be repeated for a month.

3/ Understand that what I say and what I mean is not what the other person hears.

To avoid miscommunication rephrase what they have said to you and gain clarification on the intended message. 

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