If you are a resident then you are dwelling in a place other than your home on a long-term basis [Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition]. The City of Joondalup labels rate payers as “Residents”. How can you own your home and be dwelling in a place that isn’t your home?

On 26th January 1910, eight Hague war on land treaties were entered into force and the United States officially became the foreign Administrators. The Commonwealth of Australia has been invaded by stealth and subterfuge. We were once British Subjects or regarded as Nationals of the Commonwealth until the United Nations stepped in and we all boarded the Citizenship in 1948.

If you claim that you are a Resident, you owe a debt of allegiance to the foreign Occupation Government that has been installed by stealth and subterfuge. In international humanitarian law, a territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the adverse foreign armed forces.

You live in a ward because you don’t know who you are and are considered to be incapable of looking after yourself and you need someone else to look after you. A Ward defined as a noun is a “minor under control of a guardian”, when used as a verb it is defined as “to keep guard, watch, protect, preserve”.

In 1998 The City of Wanneroo splits into the Shire of Wanneroo and the City of Joondalup. In 1979 a new administration building opened in Joondalup and on 31 October 1985 the Shire of Wanneroo becomes the City of Wanneroo and in 1997 new City of Wanneroo Library and Council Chambers opens in Joondalup.


On 15 March 2020, Francis Logan, Minister for Emergency Services, declared a State of Emergency in Western Australia with effect from 12am, 16 March 2020, due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The declaration was enabled through section 56 of the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA). This advice came from the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) who are controlled by the United Nations. The United Nations is a Private Corporation who have stakeholders. Bill Gates is a Stakeholder in the United Nations.

A state of Emergency means that martial law has officially been declared and the Corporation Government, who are a belligerent Sovereign State that have treatied with the United Nations. COVID-19 has never been about protecting people from a virus, it has been about power, profit and control over the people for the United Nations Stakeholders.

Be warned Alien Residents of the City of Joondalup, you are being targeted for more monitoring, data harvesting and control under the guise of an Environmental agenda 20/30 Sustainable living project.

It concerns me that people are blissfully unaware of what is happening right below their noses, perhaps they can’t see what is going on because they are blinded by the masks they are wearing as a virtue signal.

Your mask is a symbol of your slave status on the Citizenship. Your Masters are telling you to put it on so you do. I don’t need to wear one because I am not a slave.

Notice that this pdf is labelled as a stakeholder poster! A Stakeholder is defined as a group or a person who owns a share in a business.

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Here are my questions:

1. Prove the Claim that the City of Joondalup has any Authority to enforce COVID-19 mandates over the People of the Original State of Western Australia.
2. Provide the long term safety data proving that mask wearing and COVID-19 vaccinations are safe. 
3. Explain why the Western Australian State Government label the COVID-19 as a poison. [Authorisation to supply or administer a poison [SARS-COV-2(COVID-19) Vaccine] – Australian Defence Force (No 7) 2021].

Dawn-michelle, Executor of Contracts for the Dawn Michelle Kelly, Estate.


The Minister for Local Government is John Carey