Road Map to Reclaiming and Restoring The Commonwealth of Australia

Over time The Commonwealth of Australia has been usurped by the United Nations and Big Pharma. With stealth and subterfuge a foreign entity has invaded our Great Commonwealth by way of Politicians and political parties with political agendas. The Politicians running the corporate Commonwealth are nothing more than Pharmaceutical Reps who are pushing the globalist agenda. “We the People” are considered “Customers” and treated like sick patients.

Most people are not aware that there are two Commonwealths. A corporate Commonwealth and a non-corporate Commonwealth and this is recognised in the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. Division 2—Appropriations relating to non‑corporate Commonwealth entities and the Commonwealth. Corporate Commonwealth entities are legally separate from the Commonwealth, whereas non‑corporate Commonwealth entities are part of the Commonwealth. This means that the corporate Commonwealth is foreign to the Commonwealth. “AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS” belong to the corporation Commonwealth, Commonwealth Nationals belong to the non-corporate Commonwealth.

Voting in the corporate Commonwealth elections means that you are giving a foreign administration government the power to administer your Estate. The name that is registered in the corporate Commonwealth is owned by the corporation and by using this name and participating in their elections you are handing your power over to them.

The question I ask you is “to whom do you pledge your allegiance to? The Original Commonwealth of Australia or the globalist foreign administrators who have invaded our Commonwealth by stealth and Subterfuge?”.

The Remedy

All we need to do is pull our energy out of the Corporate Commonwealth and invest it into reclaiming and Restoring The Original Commonwealth that belongs to “We the People”. Keith-charles Occupies the Offices of the accountable authority for a non corporate Commonwealth entity.

The non-corporate Commonwealth will be having their elections this year. The frame-work is being built and the Electoral Commission will be instructed on how to proceed. We are seeking the appointment of Care takers for each seat in the upper and lower house, board Members who will be Officers of the Commonwealth and the appointment of Commonwealth Public Officials.

The Road Map

Step One: Know who you are, know where you stand and know where you get your authority from.

Step Two: Move into the non-Corporate Commonwealth by pledging your allegiance to the Commonwealth of Australia and become a Commonwealth National. You need to be a member of the website:

Step Three: Become the Executor for Contracts for your unincorporated “Natural Private Person” that has an “ABN”.

Step Four: Claim your Estate with the Testament to Will by Proclamation. This is your terms and conditions of Contracting.

Step Five: Learn how to write contracts as the Executor of contracts for your “Natural Private Person”. Workshops are available.

Step Six: Move out of the Public and into the Private.

Step Seven: Purchase an Authorised King James Version Bible [1611]. This is a royal assented law book that was commissioned by King James. Read the Compendium which was written by Keith-charles.

Step Eight: Obtain your live birth source document.

Step Nine: Set up an Express Trust with the Commonwealth Custodians, become the Trustee for your Estate and learn how to operate your Estate as a Trustee.

Step Ten: Relinquish all political affiliations and stop voting for “Political Parties”. Vote in the Non-Corporate Elections for the “Servants of the Crown” who serve “The People” not corporate stakeholders.

Step Eleven: Reclaim and restore the Original Commonwealth by building your community and uniting as a people.