What is Smart parking and how does it work?

Smart Parking makes use of sensing devices such as vehicle counting equipment, cameras, sensors installed in pavements, etc. to discover occupancy of the parking lot. The strong sensing systems are being built to examine and transfer the data to the database in real time.

The system increases the accessibility of parking with the use of sensors. The sensors placed in the pavement of the selected parking spaces to recognise if parking slot is occupied or vacant.

Sensors communicates with gateway and that data will be push to the cloud. Sensors then immediately show the availability of parking slots. This can be viewed on the APP or the sensors placed on the parking slots so drives can easily identify the space. https://www.hiotron.com/smart-parking/


Who collects the smart Data and what is it ultimately used for?

The CITY OF JOONDALUP [ABN 64 245 472 416] and the 132 Councils and Shires in the Original State of Western Australia have ABN’s and operate as a business. On the 27th June 2023 at the CITY OF JOONDALUP council meeting it was stated that “The City has joined the compact of mayors programme back in 2015 which is known as the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate Change and Energy and we are utilising that programme and liaising with them in regards to development of our new climate change strategy in regards to 15 minute cities. We haven’t considered that as part of that programme but it could be considered as part of the development of the climate change strategy which is currently in development”

“Ultimately the Council will make the final decision on any of those matters” says Albert Jacob – Mayor of the City of Joondalup

Local Government + FER = $$$

Local Governments with an ABN are an unlawful 3rd tier of Government. ‘We the People’ of the Commonwealth of Australia voted no at a referendum held on 3rd September 1988, yet here we are!

There are two Commonwealths, a Corporate Commonwealth and a non-Corporate Commonwealth and their are also two Constitutions. The non-Corporate Commonwealth Constitution is the Red Book, the law of the land and the Corporate Commonwealth Constitution is the Green Book and is a Corporate document of deception based on the Australia act 1986. ‘We the People’ are not operating under the green book we are operating under the red book.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT – SECT 85: All Property is vested in the Commonwealth

What authority does any ‘unrecognised’ local council have to issue any fine or infringement?

In short, none. Local governments with ABN’s have no more authority than McDonalds do to issue fines/infringements/rates/duty/tax etc.

Every fine and infringement notice issued by any unlawful and unrecognised corporate local council is an ‘alleged offence’. If you pay any fine issued it is your admission of guilt. The etymology of the word guilt stems from the word ‘gieldan’ which means “to pay for, debt”. If you do not pay any fine issued by any unlawful and unrecognised local council with an ABN it may result in the suspension of your drivers licence. In the eyes of the law, you are now seen as a criminal. If you get stopped by police, they will further allege that you have now committed the criminal offence of driving whilst under suspension. You will receive a prosecution notice and an invitation to attend the Magistrates court.

If you go into court you will be asked if you are the ‘person’ that is named on the drivers licence. If you admit to being the person named on the drivers licence, then you will be asked to plea guilty or not guilty. The etymology of the word guilt is guilder which means to pay. If you plea guilty you are agreeing to pay. If you plea not-guilty then you will go to trial, all because you travelled 56km in a 50km zone, 6km over the recognised speed limit.

          In summary: If you don’t pay a parking ticket, a speeding fine, a dog registration etc or any other fine the Fines Enforcement Registry will suspend your licence.

The CEO of the local shire/council has the final say whether or not they forward this issue to the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER). Contact the CEO of the local council issuing the fine/infringement and ask them to provide proof of authority – Quo Warranto.

Who are the Fines Enforcement Registry?

The fines enforcement registry is an administration court connected with the Western Australia Magistrates Court under the umbrella of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE [ABN 70 598 519 443]. If you pay a fine then you are admitting guilt. Remember the Fines Enforcement Registry are a court. The paper is the court and the legal notice process that the Fines Enforcement use is the equivalent to a court and a non-payment of a fine is the equivalent to a non-appearance to which they will proceed in a summary judgement.

When was the fines Enforcement Registry Established?

The Fines Enforcement Registry was established by way of the FINES, PENALTIES AND INFRINGEMENT NOTICES ENFORCEMENT ACT 1994 Gazetted on 30 Dec 1994 p. 7211); s. 29(2): 11 Jan 1995. This act comes under an imperial act known as the Justices Act 1902 (WA). Governor Kerry Sanderson who held an assumption of office gave this forementioned act royal assent under the letters patent of the Australia Act 1986, an act created and passed altering the constitution without a referendum pursuant to the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 UK.

Licence Suspension

The licence suspension order slotted under the Western Australian Justices Act 1902 (imperial) the corporate government created the JUSTICES (FORMS) REGULATIONS 1982 published in Gazette of 6th August 1982 for the amendment to 9th June 1995. Regulation 5C was inserted after 5B ‘APPLICATION TO SET ASIDE LICENCE SUSPENSION ORDER’ under the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994 (s.101).

They suspend your licence by completing an application and lodging the completed application together with a fee of an amount equal to the fee for a complaint prescribed under the Justices Act. S.3.

The Fines Enforcement Registry in partnership with the Western Australia Magistrates Court can issue a summons or arrest warrant, BAYCORP masquerading as the Sheriff’s Office enforce these warrants issued by the Magistrates court which have an indefinite life. They claim that they have the authority to seize and sell personal property, also seize and sell land, immobilise vehicles, remove number plates, place garnish orders on your earnings, your bank account, enforce warrants of commitment (Prison), and issue Work and development permits (WDP) which is unpaid work to discharge the offenders liability to pay the fine.

The OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS FOR WA [ABN 33 585 197 892] is the prosecuting authority whose job is to prove that you are guilty so that you are forced yield to the liability and pay the fine. Remember the burden of proof lays with the prosecution. They make the claim, they need to prove it.


The WA GOVCO operates as a business and regards ‘we the people’ of the Original State of Western Australia, The Commonwealth of Australia.

  • WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE [ABN 91 724 684 688],
  • DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT [ABN 27 285 643 255],
  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT [ABN XXX], 132 local government business entities.
  • LANDGATE [ABN 86 574 793 858]
  • BALIFF AND SHERIFF OFFICE – BAYCORP Debt collection services.