The country that we call Australia has been usurped and invaded by stealth. The reason we do not know this is by design. The Covid-19 Government/media narrative is but a distraction for what is to come and I write this as a warning to all compliant well meaning Aussies. The Corporate Commonwealth of Australia is bankrupt and we are under new management. The creditors are stepping in.

Did you know?

The day we call Australia day is the day we became a foreign occupied territory. In 1910, eight Hague war on land treaties were entered into force due to previous war debt.

The full series can be found HERE!

The reason we don’t know this is because another treaty was entered into force in 1939 which laid out the terms of how history would be taught in schools.

Australians voted no to a republic three times, yet in Western Australia the Queen and the Crown were removed sixty two times in the Acts Amendment and Repeal (Courts and Legal Practice) Act 2003.

When an election is called two royal assented election writs are issued by the Governor, if the crown and the queen were removed from every court in Australia, how can the Governor call a legitimate election?

We used to have Public Servants and now we have Politicians.

There are two Commonwealths, a Corporate Commonwealth and a non-Corporate Commonwealth. The current Government operate in the Corporate Commonwealth.

The Western Australian Government is a private corporation trading as the Western Australian Treasury Corporation [ABN: 22 300 359 323]. Their purpose is to create more debt for Western Australia.

The Western Australian Corporation Government website refer to the people of Western Australia as customers. Businesses make a profit from their customers.

A state of emergency was declared in March 2020 as a directive from the World Health Organisation, (W.H.O.), a privately owned foreign organisation that are a branch of the United Nations. The state of emergency means that we are under martial/military law, under the guise of a state of emergency the Corporate Government have given themselves extra powers to do what they want to.

Under a state of emergency the [Public Health Act 2016] states in Division five, Emergency Powers, they can break and enter into your property, seize your property, take your vehicle, place you into quarantine, they can force you to undergo a medical procedure, force vaccinate and use reasonable force.

The [Criminal Code Act 1995, [Division 71—Offences against United Nations and associated personnel] states that United Nations Personnel are immune from criminal prosecution for medical rape.

Consenting to the proof of Covid-19 Vaccine application means that you are consenting to the CCP style social credit score system.

The Government of Western Australia label Covid-19 vaccines as poison. [Authorisation to supply or administer a poison [SARS-COV-2(COVID-19) Vaccine] – Australian Defence Force (No 7) 2021].

If any of this information does not sit well with you and you would like a remedy of how to separate yourself from the Tyranical Corporate Government, then you will need to join the Commonwealth Custodians website unincorporate your name to become the executor for contracts of your estate to eventually become the trustee of your estate.

All this information can be found on the Commonwealth Custodian Website, however, if you would like some assistance, I run regular courses on how to unincorporate your name and navigate as the Executor for contracts for your Estate.

Contact Josie on 0408 083 144 if you would like to attend a workshop. If you domicile in Western Australia and would like to attend a workshop please reach out to attend a workshop and build our community.