If you believed that everyone was a potential threat to you and your loved ones, you would willingly isolate yourself from others.

If you believed that standing on a dot 1.5m apart from the next person would keep you safe then you would willingly and dutifully stand on that dot.

If you believed that wearing a mask would keep you and others safe then you would willingly and dutifully wear a mask.

If you believed that taking a vaccine would keep you safe then you would take that vaccine. 

Now here’s the thing…We are being socially conditioned to comply with this ‘new normal’ of perceiving everyone as a potential threat. If we do not comply with the ‘new’ social standard of behaviour that is now in play then ‘YOU’ will be perceived and believed to be the ENEMY!

If you don’t wear a mask, if you don’t physical distance, if you don’t have your temperature checked, if you don’t sanitise your hands and if you don’t take a vaccine… YOU ARE THE ENEMY.


Dear foreign occupied government.

  • I do not consent to wearing a mask.
  • I do not consent to physical distancing.
  • I do not consent to being conditioned to having a gun pointed at my head by way of a temperature check.
  • I do not consent to a curfew.
  • I do not consent to mandatory vaccination.
  • I do not consent to the revenue raising by way of fines.

I do not view my kindred brothers and sisters as my enemy. I view them with love, kindness and compassion. I am not fearful of a virus where the statistics are more focused on ‘cases’ not the mortality rate.

Wake up… we are being played!!!


As a subject of the Kingdom of Australia, I am protected by war treaties.

As a SOVEREIGN living person it is my spiritual practice and religious rite to BREATHE oxygen and fresh air. Breath is life and it brings me into HIGHER alignment with my DIVINE SELF. When I am denied oxygen I am denied my religion.

This is in direct violation of LAWS AND CUSTOMS OF WAR ON LAND (HAGUE, IV), ARTICLE 18: Prisoners shall enjoy complete liberty in the exercise of their religion, including attendance at the services of whatever Church they belong to, on the sole condition that they comply with the measures of order and police issued by the military authorities.


Article 1: Consent and the ability to exercise the power of free choice without the element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching or other ulterior forms of constraint or or coercion.