When we percieve something as fearful and become stressed, our reptillian brain kicks in and takes over. We lose the ability to rationalise and are unable to connect with higher thinking functions such as logic and the ability to think clearly and puts us into fight, flight or freeze mode.

The Corona virus has set the world in panic and fear and left our rational brains high and dry. In Australia it has led to panic buying of toilet paper. The media’s propaganda and promotion of fear around this virus has lowered our planets IQ! It brings us into survival mode.

Hmmm… Is one of the Corona virus symptoms diarrhea?

Commonsense people… Comonsense!

Let’s get back to basics, regularly wash your hands with soap! Studies have shown that that soap is best!

Avoid touching your face where possible.

Eat a healthy diet

Get plenty of rest



Breath Portals

Laugh, move, dance, play, be happy!

Clear your emotional trauma and issues

And use your common sense!!!!