We have all been placed under the SPELL of the OCCULT. We have all been brainwashed, we have been told what to think, how to act, what to say under the condtioning of sameness, this happens from the womb to the tomb. This is a PROGRAM that teaches us how to behave in a predetermined way. In ‘THIS’ society that we find ourSELVES in CONFORMITY is what the programmers of this reality need from us.

We have all been given a SCRIPT to follow that is not ours, meaning that we have been told a STORY, HIS story, HER story, THEIR story, an imagining of concepts and definitions that remove us from our own heart centred experience of life. The ALPHABET that we use in our LANGUAGE is a communication program that was determined by those in power, it is an imagining, an interpretation of a concept that is expressed through WORDS and SYMBOLS.

Collectively we find ourSELVES under the “CON-vid” SPELL because we are so disconnected from our own personal truth we have forgotten who we are. We have been removed from our own dreamtime which is to experience life through our heart space. This is the doorway to experiencing and sensing our own reality without being told what to think, feel or how to act.

I am the founder of a healing modality called the INNER COMPASS which is focused on being the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF by staying neutral and detaching from outcomes. Developing intuition is the first step to navigating OUT of the SYSTEM. I offer an ONLINE INTUITION MASTERY COURSE for those on this pathway.


No matter where you find yourSELF, it is important to know the LAWS of the land, or for those who are lost at SEE/SEE INTERNATIONAL/MARITIME LAW comes into play.

I find mySELF in AUSTRALIA and as a result of countless hours of research I discovered who I am and where I stand. Pre-CONvid, I was oblivious to the fact that we live in an occupied territory and have been since 26th January 1910 when we officially became occupied territory due to war debt from the previous century. We are effectively owned by the UN and the world banking cartels. The current government is being run by a foreign administration government that is a registered company on the stock exchange.


Gradually over the years ‘we’ meaning Australia has been sold off to the highest bidder. Under the rules of USUFRUCT, Australia has been plundered, raped and piliaged. We are bankrupt nation and as a result we debt slaves.

I recently came across two individuals that have provided me with the information that I needed to FREE me on all realms. Both men know who they are and they know where they stand. Steven Spiers and Arthur Cristian both have ‘STEPPED OUT of the SYSTEM’ in their own unique way.

Steven’s path is the KINGdom of AUSTRALIA and Arthur’s path is the KINdom of Australia. Both can co-exist together in harmony!

The KINdom

We (MAN) were all meant to be undefined and never defined. We can all stand together observing the sensory life form but each of us is alway shaving a unique sensory experience (touch, taste, feel, smell hear, see), and no matterhow much we try to define (communicate) the sensory experience we are having withothers, the definitions will NEVER be the experience we are each having. What you smell will never be their experience and what they each smell will never beyour experience.

They/We can ONLY imagine (FANTASISE) what they/we are each experiencing. Basically, everything we directly sense of reality/uncorrupted nature, earth, life, etc, is true but everything explained to us about what we see/sense of reality, for example, “the celestial bodies in the night sky”, is not true and never will be.

“The System” and EVERYTHING of “The System” is this MAN made intention to predetermine another MANS life so that they (victims) will fall into this imaginary matrixand be their willing slaves for the whole of their lives without ever really waking up asto what is going on. They remain completely lost in (hijacked/kidnapped into) a fake dream world of pure fantasy all-the-while imagining (beLIEving) is their reality. There is so much more to all of this.

Arthur Crisian

The KINGdom

From my own personal experience, I have found the KINGdom of AUSTRALIA pathway to be a proven and practical process of ‘Stepping out of the system’. It uses what we know and what we have right now to navigate practically off of the SHIP and onto dry land to bring us to the KINdom, where we can move beyond debt slavery and become one with our land and our KINdred Brothers and Sisters.

We make an Oath to King Steven as he holds the line of authority that was claimed after the first world war through our ANZACs so that we can step into our personal sovereignty. The Federal land flag is a symbol that is used by the KINGdom to clarify that we are Subjects and not citizens. This flag was consecrated on 30th July 2020.

Consecration of the Flag 30.7.20

When we become subjects of the KINGdom of AUSTRALIA we step off of the CitizenSHIP onto land. We are then protected by war treaties such as the HAGUE IV war on land, the neuremburg treaty and the Lieber Code. Citizens do not have the same rights they are wards of the state. Much of our HISstory has been kept hidden from us by design so we aren’t aware that we are under foreign administration. I invite you to visit the Australian Treaty Website and have a look for yourSELF!!!

When we fly the RED FLAG it is a beacon of light that shows others who we are and where we stand during this transitional time. The true reality is that we are more than a flag, more than a label, more than a defined concept, we are expansivenss and limitless.

I fly this flag because I know the rules of the game we are playing and right now this is tried and trusted pathway HOME. It shows who we are and where we stand for those who are on the SHIP of commerce.